Lest we forget: update on Attabad lake disaster

Photo Source: GB Times

Lake inundates more areas

ISLAMABAD, Jun 26 (APP)- The water outflow from Attabad lake in Hunza has reached to 15300 cusecs as more areas in upper Hunza Gojal submerged with rising level of the lake, a private TV channel reported Saturday. Meanwhile, the local residents were blasting big boulders to widen the spillway resulting in bigger outflow of the water from the lake. The water discharge from the lake has soared to 15,300 cusecs whereas inflow is 12,100 cusecs. Many houses and fields have submerged in upper Hunza Gojal due to rise in the lake level. Also, RCC Bridge, the lone land connection between Chaman Gul and Galmat has inundated.

Attabad IDPs threaten to commit suicide

June 27, 2010

HUNZA: The IDPs of Attabad Lake have threatened government of committing suicide given the water outflow from spillway does not get increased, vowing that everyday five ‘Kafanposh’ (shroud-wearing) men will jump into the lake to die in protest against government’s non-seriousness to tackle the issue, Geo news reported Sunday morning.

Meanwhile, the water level in Attabad Lake is being witnessed increasing rapidly with water outgoing through spillway slightly up. The water outflow through spillway is 15583 cusecs a day whereas owing to slowness in melting of glaciers, the water inflow is not alarming with no major increase or decrease in water level at lake for last 24 hours, government officials claimed.

Shishkat and Gulmit back to the stone age!

PT Report

Gulmit, June 27: Power pylons between Gulmit and Hussaini have been caused to submerge in the lake formed on Hunza River, disrupting electricity supply to Shishkat, Gulmit and Ghulkin. People in these villages are living without electricity for the past five days. The local people have demanded of the government to restore the power supply by erecting the power pylons.

It is pertinent to note here that the local people had voluntarily shifted the power pylons to higher elevations when the lake had started submerging low laying parts of different villages. The people, however, don’t seem much optimistic about the government’s response. “They have not been able to complete provision of facilities at the region’s only hospital. I don’t think they would be interested in doing anything for us”, a local man told Pamir Times.

Others also doubt the government’s intentions about provision of compensation. “I think everything is lost”, said a senior citizen. “They are not going to give us anything”, he feared.

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