News updates on Hunza lake (various sources)

Outflow from Hunza Lake imminent (Express Tribune):
Assistant Commissioner Hunza, Zamir Abbas told The Express Tribune that water from the lake would start emptying out thriugh the spillway soon.

The government shifted displaced people settled in about 400 camps downstream to safer locations on Thursday, declaring the camp area too dangerous for habitation.

The Deputy Commissioner Hunza Zafar Taj told reporters that IDPs residing in camps at Faizabad had been shifted to higher ground because the government felt they were not in a safe enough position in the event that a flash flood occurred. Taj said that arrangements to respond to an emergency had been completed, adding that authorities were hopeful that the impact of the lake when it overflowed would not be as devastating as had been feared. Read More

Attabad: the freeboard is reportedly now about 1.3 metres (Hunza Landslide blog):

The latest NDMA figures suggest that the freeboard is down to about 4.3 feet (1.31 metres) as of 3 pm today. That is a reduction of about 70 cm on the day, meaning that we are probably less than two days from the point of overtopping Read More (including graphs and pictures)

Hunza Lake likely to overflow by 29th: NDMA (The News):
ISLAMABAD: The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) on Thursday said that expected time of overflow of the Hunza Attabad Lake was likely to be on May 28-29.

A statement of the NDMA said due to safety considerations, measurement of free board has been stopped from May 24 onwards but approximate free board is four feet. “Expected time of overflow is likely on May 28-29,” the statement added.

Giving details of the displaced families and individuals, the NDMA said that 141 families (1,652 individuals) of Attabad village and Sarat got displaced in the wake of landsliding on January 4 this year. It added that they need complete rehabilitation of land, housing and livelihood cash grant.

The NDMA further said that due to inundation, the people were displaced, starting from January 10, onwards. Their houses have submerged completely and damage assessment is only possible once the water recedes; 32 houses in Ainabad village, 101 houses in Shishkat village, 38 houses in part of village Gulmit/Hussaini. A grand total of 321 houses, including Attaabad and Sarat have been affected. Read More

Karakoram Highway repair may take two years (The News):

ISLAMABAD: A team of engineers would submit a proposal for an alternative route for mutual trade between Pakistan and China after initial study revealed that it would take more than two years to repair the Karakoram Highway, partially damaged after rising water level in incidentally formed large lake on Hunza River.

The sources said work on any alternative route for bilateral trade could be commenced some two or three months after release of water from Attaabad Lake that would enable the concerned authorities to have a clearer picture of the ground situation. The lake water has submerged or damaged a major 20-kilometre portion of the Karakoram Highway that led to blockade of traffic in the area.

The initial study carried out by a group of engineers showed that repair work on the highway would take a couple of years after which the high-ups directed for preparation of feasibility report for an alternative route. Read More

پانی کب سپل وے کے اوپر سے گزرے گا؟ رضا ہمدانی (BBC Urdu)
ہنزہ نگر میں عوام ہوں یا متاثرین، انتظامیہ ہو یا یہاں پہنچنے والے ذرائع ابلاغ کے نمائندے سب کے لبوں پر دو سوالات ہیں۔ ایک تو یہ کہ عطا آباد جھیل میں پانی کب سپل وے کے اوپر سے گزرے گا اور دوسرا

سوال یہ کہ اس سے کتنا نقصان ہو گا؟

اس جھیل کے حوالے سے اعداد و شمار جیسے کہ اس جھیل کی لمبائی کیا ہے، کتنی گہری ہے، اس میں جمع پانی کی مقدار کیا ہے، اور سب سے اہم کہ جھیل میں پانی کی سطح اور سپل وے کی اونچائی میں کتنا فرق رہ گیا ہے؟

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