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پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی نے پنجاب میں شرمنا ک شکست سے کوئی سبق نہیں سیکھا – منو بھائی:
پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی کے جیالوں نے تیر کو بوسہ دے کر بلے پر مہر کیوں لگائی – منو بھائی: جیالے – نئے اور پرانے – منظور اعجاز
LHC bars President Zardari from politics: Another great decision by SLOP: Related article: Chief Justice Ijaz Chaudhry: The new monkey in Lahore Supreme League of Pakistan SLOP’s provincial head’s another great decision in which the full quorum of SLOP’s provincial body directed Mr. President to surrender office of PPP’s co-chairperson
Shahbaz Sharif’s helicopter – by Munno Bhai: ایک چہرے پر کئی چہرے سجا لیتے ہیں لوگ گریبان منوبھائی معلوم نہیں یہ خبر ہے یا اپنے آپ کو پنجاب کے وزیر اعلیٰ کی بجائے”خادم اعلیٰ “ کہلانے میں فخر محسوس کرنے والے اور اچھی حاکمیت ،ٹاسک ماسٹر
What is the difference between ZAB, Benazir Bhutto and other politicians? – by Munno Bhai: Munno Bhai’s article on this topic: ماں کے ہاتھ کی پکی روٹی اور اپنی پسند کی موت…گریبان…منوبھائی یہ تو معلوم نہیں کہ ”اقوال زریں“ کیسے وجود میں آتے ہیں مگر یہ عالمی سچائی ضرب المثل بن چکی ہے کہ
Bank Loans Write-Off: A comparison of PPP, PML-N and General Musharraf: According to statistics by the State Bank of Pakistan, there are glaring differences in terms of fiscal irregularities between elected governments and military governments in Pakistan.  Government of General Pervez Musharraf appears to be most corrupt followed by the
Secularism does not mean atheism or la-deeniat: Here are two excellent articles on this topic. The first one has been written by Anand Krishan in Indonesian context, and the second one by Munno Bhai in Pakistani context. Promoting faith-based secularism Anand Krishna Jakarta – 01/18/2010 When
War is terror and a profitable business – by H.A. Khan: Renowned columnist Munno Bhai once asked in one of his columns that when ultimately countries have to sit at the negotiating table after wars, why do not they do this before the war to save thousands of lives. Nowadays
Well done, Shahbaz Sharif – by Munno Bhai: Munno Bhai writes in appreciation of the IT revolution in the education sector in Punjab. Well done, Mr Shahbaz Sharif. Well done, democracy.
Charge sheet against Zardari: Enemies of democracy and supporters of Taliban taunt President Zardari for what they term as his cowardice to refrain from exposing himself in public meetings. The main aim of the Mullah Media Alliance here is to help their foot-soldiers
United for democracy: PPP and PML-N: Munno Bhai suggests that the unity of PPP and PML-N in support of democracy and in defiance of Taliban terrorists will deter any ultra-constitutional
Thar coal energy project: Thank you, President Zardari: Munno Bhai analyses a good news from Sindh:
Nusrat Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto and Asif Zardari – by Munno Bhai:
Bloody mess and the supporters of the fauji laundry – Munnoo Bhai: Munno bhai writes on the campaign of the Mullah Media Alliance against the political class and their insistence that NRO must be dry-cleaned in the ‘fauji laundry’.
How to clean up the bloody mess – Munno Bhai:
Lawyers Movement and Fake Civil Society: My choice today: Fri 6 June 2008 The so-called civil society in Pakistan and the lawyers’ movement – By Munno Bhai What about the earlier illegalities? By Fatehyab Ali Khan What about the earlier illegalities? By Fatehyab Ali Khan