War is terror and a profitable business – by H.A. Khan

Renowned columnist Munno Bhai once asked in one of his columns that when ultimately countries have to sit at the negotiating table after wars, why do not they do this before the war to save thousands of lives.

Nowadays the world is in so much disaster that we are hearing news of wars and wars from all over the world, and it is just not killing the innocent people but also making future generations a slave of the past with all negative emotional and material consequences.

There is an anecdote that a comrade once went to Comrade Lenin and said: ‘War is a terrible thing’; Lenin replied: ‘Yes, war is a terrible thing but meanwhile it is also the most profitable business at the same time.’

Two days ago, the news came that the USA will sell its weapons to Taiwan, and today they have issued a statement that the USA will advance the Middle East’s defence by supplying them with more weapons. I am always wondering that just for the sake for huge profits these war industries are selling the weapons to all countries and pushing them into more wars so that their ration of profit will keep on increasing and increasing.

The important thing is that when bail-out packages were being given in the USA to banks and to other industries, it was only the war industry which did not require any bail out as they are already making huge profits.

The USA always claims to stand for human rights and always voices for it in the world over, but how people will see that at the same time they are also making war happen so that their war industries maintain and increase their huge profits.

I still remember words of a poem which stated that it is an ‘innocent crime’ that when the US helicopters throw food to the poor in Afghanistan and the same poor children and people are, are killed with their most advance weapons.

I always feel sad and bewildered on this dual policy of the world’s only superpower. Let us hope some day this war business will be over and our future generations will live in a war free world. (Ameen)



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