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Pakistan will be suspect until evil in its midst is rooted out: The Mumbai attacks will be linked to Islamabad regardless of who perpetrated them. By Con Coughlin A fresh wave of terrorist attacks are launched at the heart of the Indian city of Mumbai, and immediately the finger of suspicion
Redefining national interest: Raza Rumi The elusive quest for peace between India and Pakistan remains hostage to the military-industrial complex at both the global and regional levels. Such is the dynamic unleashed by two imagined “nations” that their existence as states is
Where is my military coup? – by S Gulbadan: I wrote this for the Express Tribune’s sunday magazine and they published a much shorter (“mutilated”, according to the editor dude) version. General sahab, I have been a silent admirer of you and your methods for a long time
The Taliban scourge — by Ishtiaq Ahmed: When General Musharraf dissociated himself from the extremists, the links with al Qaeda were ruptured but an institutional decision was taken by the military top brass to continue secret low profile support of the Taliban. The more recent delinking
Mumbai terrorist attacks partially planned in Pakistan: Islamabad hands over Mumbai probe report to New Delhi Mumbai attacks partially planned in Pakistan: Malik * Interior adviser claims arrest of main operator in attacks, five others * Says Pakistan needs more information from India * System of
Well done Zardari, Well done Pakistan Government:
Acting on the Mumbai dossier – By Praful Bidwai: Saturday, January 10, 2009 (The News) Six weeks after the Mumbai attacks, the Indian government is still groping for a strategy to get Pakistan to crack down on Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and other extremists. The Pakistani
India provides evidence of the Mumbai terrorist attacks to Pakistan….: A page from the dossier given to PakistanDossier: handlers used virtual number to contact a mobile with one of the terrorists Siddharth Varadarajan (The Hindu, Wednesday, Jan 07, 2009) New Delhi: Amidst the clutter of telephone calls the Indian
Was Mumbai the Kargil 2? Joining the jigsaw puzzle: Was Mumbai the Kargil 2? What is Pakistan Army/ISI upto this time? Incriminating evidence against the unholy nexus between ISI and jihadi/sectarian forces in Pakistan Spare a few minutes in reading the following various reports. Pause and reflect for
Was the Mumbai operation a move by ISI to topple the the democratic government in Pakistan?: Was the Mumbai attack the Kargil 2? Does ISI want to topple the democratic government of President Zardari in Pakistan? How can the UN help Pakistan? An interesting conversation between some educated Pakistanis pejamistri Says:December 17th, 2008 at 6:30
Countering India’s diplomatic assault —Talat Masood: Despite the current tensions, it is encouraging that Islamabad and New Delhi are keeping diplomatic channels open and envoys have not been recalled. Talks should continue to manage the crisis and put the peace process back on track India
Dumb questions invite dumb answers – By Aziz Ahmad: Dumb questions invite dumb answers Tuesday, December 23, 2008 Aziz Akhmad The Mumbai attacks had not even ended yet, when a TV reporter of a Pakistani channel, armed with a microphone and a camera — and a dumb question
India steps up vigil along Rajasthan border: Pakistan deploys forces on the border…: The Times of India22 Dec 2008, 0302 hrs IST, Vimal Bhatia, TNN JAISALMER: Even as India refused to take the military option off the table while asking Pakistan to rein in the terrorists, the Indian
Hamid Mir nails Pakistan Government’s lie on Ajmal Kasab ….: This Pakistani nailed Pak Government’s lie on Kasab
Barbarians at the gate – by Ghazi Salahuddin: Sunday, December 21, 2008 There has been no dearth, for some time, of foreign experts and analysts who imply that Pakistan is becoming a failed state. That Nawaz Sharif should now have reasons to corroborate this assessment is surely
Nawaz Sharif says Ajmal Kasab from Faridkot, Pakistan: Sharif slams Zardari, says Kasab from Pakistan Challenging President Asif Ali Zardari’s assertion that there was no proof that the arrested Mumbai attacker hailed from Pakistan’s Punjab province, former premier Nawaz Sharif has said that the suspect’s village was
New terrorists in an old context – by Mosharraf Zaidi: Tuesday, December 02, 2008 One of the clear invocations of the Bhagvad Gita is an invitation to human beings to explore and traverse the more difficult, but righteous path that Krishna articulates for an angst-ridden Arjuna. The Sangh Parivar’s
The media and Mumbai – By Dr Tariq Rahman: THE Mumbai attacks have seen the media, especially the electronic media, in both countries conduct itself in an irresponsible fashion.Hours after the attack began, the Indian media started showing Bollywood-style films about the perpetrators of the carnage allegedly in
What the Mumbai assault has done in Pakistan is divert attention from the internal threat to an external ‘enemy’. This must not be allowed to happen.: The common enemy (Dawn, Editorial, 13 Dec 2008) GREAT statesmen, it is said, don’t just respond to public opinion: they shape it. In these troubling times when Pakistan is being called the “epicentre” of terrorism by our neighbours to
Pakistan’s newspaper Dawn establishes Faridkot link to Mumbai terror attack. Ajmal Kasab’s father interviewed….: Pakistan’s newspaper Dawn establishes Faridkot link to Mumbai terror attack; Ajmal Kasab’s father
Ex-DG ISI General (R) Javed Ashraf justifies raids on Jamaatud Dawa (JD): Ex-DG ISI Javed Ashraf justifies raids on Dawa LAHORE: Former Inter-Services Intelligence director general (DG) Lt Gen (r) Javed Ashraf Qazi on Friday justified the government’s crackdown on Jamaatud Dawa (JD), saying Pakistan would have been isolated by the
Names and pictures of terrrorists involved in the Mumbai attacks. All of them belonged to Lashkar-e-Toiba & also Sipah-e-Sahaba from D.I.Khan: India releases names, details on Mumbai gunmen By MUNEEZA NAQVI – (The Associated Press) MUMBAI, India (AP) — Police in India said Tuesday they had identified the nine suspected Islamic militants killed during the three-day siege of Mumbai and
Pakistan on tightrope with militant raid: Pakistan on tightrope with militant raidIt targeted a camp of the group linked to the Mumbai attacks Sunday. By Mark Sappenfield – | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitorand Issam Ahmed – | Contributor to The Christian Science
Mumbai terrorist came from Pakistan, local villagers confirm – Ajmal Amir Kasab: * Saeed Shah in Faridkot, near Depalpur * The Observer, Sunday December 7 2008 An Observer investigation has established that the lone surviving gunman caught by Indian police during last week’s terrorist attacks on Mumbai came from a village
The BJP’s election plank will be Mumbai. This is understandable of a party which thrives on divisions and disruption – By Kuldip Nayar: Road that leads nowhere By Kuldip Nayar IT is difficult to say whether the assembly elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Chhattisgarh, Delhi and Mizoram are the semi-finals. The voters were agitated and angry over the terror
The Mumbai attacks, Pakistani hawks versus Indian hawks, the old Indo-Pak bilateral venom at work? Media on both sides making good money?: Let us not isolate PakistanPresident Asif Ali Zardari has told an American talk-show host that if there is “concrete evidence” against any Pakistanis for the Mumbai attack, the suspects would not be handed over to India but tried in
Consequences of Mumbai attacks – By Talat Masood: Unfortunately, whenever a terrorist attack takes place, the Muslim community of India also comes under pressure, despite its unflinching loyalty to the state. There is always a lingering fear that they may once again be subjected to communal violence
Profile of a terrorist: Mohammad Ajmal Amir Imran (Kasab) of Laskhar-e-Toiba, a recruit from Faridkot: The capture of the terrorist Mumbai massacre story unfolds in terrorist’s interrogation Praveen Swami — PHOTO: AFP Prize catch: Mohammad Ajmal Amir Iman, the only terrorist arrested in Mumbai, is undergoing treatment at an undisclosed location in the city.
Mourning a hero: Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) chief Hemant Karkare: Hemant Karkare Born 1 July 1954Nagpur, Maharashtra, IndiaDied 26 November 2008 (aged 54)Mumbai, Maharashtra, IndiaNationality IndianOccupation Indian Police Service officerSpouse(s) Kavita Karkare Hemant Karkare (Marathi: हेमंत करकरे) (1 July 1954 – 26 November 2008) was the chief of the
The Mumbai terror attacks and the jingoistic media – by Asma Jahangir: A turning point — Asma Jahangir The recent Mumbai terror attacks should be the turning point. Governments of the region are challenged to support an open and transparent investigation in order to identify and prosecute the masterminds behind such
The Mumbai Attacks: Pakistan-India ties: time to tread carefully; time to jointly confront extremism and terrorism in the region…: Pak-India ties: time to tread carefully The Mumbai standoff with the terrorists went into its third day on Friday with remnants of the attackers ensconced in the buildings they had occupied along with hostages, including symbolically the Nariman House
Mayhem in Mumbai and Pakistan’s responsibility: Mayhem in MumbaiFriday, November 28, 2008 (The News) No words can ever be enough to condemn the horror of what has happened and continues to happen in Mumbai. Fear walks down every street in the stricken city and lurks
The Mumbai attacks and the role of Dr. Zakir Naik in supporting Islamofascism and hate speech: Mumbai attacks kill at least 101Western hostages taken in coordinated strikesBy Rama LakshmiWashington Post / November 27, 2008 NEW DELHI -Teams of gunmen attacked three luxury hotels, a hospital, a train station, a movie theater, and other buildings in
Bhonsala Military School linked with Hindu extremism in the Indian Army; Ex-commandant arrested. When will Pakistan Police arrest Hamid Gul etc.: Malegaon blast: Military school head questioned 2 Nov 2008, 0328 hrs IST, Mateen Hafeez, TNN MUMBAI: Administrator of the Bhonsala Military School, Nashik, retired Colonel Shailesh Raikar, had attended a meeting along with the accused Retired Lt Col SS
Suspected Indian Army Personnel’s involvement in Malegaon blasts – ISI versus RAW and sectarianism in India and Pakistan: Indeed, it is not just ISI (or ‘was not’ just ISI) that has (had) connections with organizations which are (were?) involved in terrorist/sectarian activities in and outside Pakistan. Indian Army too does not seem to be not much different.