Was Mumbai the Kargil 2? Joining the jigsaw puzzle

Was Mumbai the Kargil 2?

What is Pakistan Army/ISI upto this time?

Incriminating evidence against the unholy nexus between ISI and jihadi/sectarian forces in Pakistan

Spare a few minutes in reading the following various reports. Pause and reflect for little while. Try to connect various pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to trace the unholy nexus between the ISI and sectarian/jihadi militants in Pakistan.

Wake up Pakistani nation. It is time to save democracy. It is time get rid of extremism and violence, the evil legacy of General Zia.


What happened to Pir Samiullah’s body is a dangerous symbolism, because to many people in Swat it was wilfully permitted by the Army.

Hanging a dead pir – By Farhat Taj



Indian military retaliation would play straight into LeT’s hands. – Praful Bidwai
There is no military option



India not the real enemy; militancy is – By Ayaz Amir
Will hypocrites such as Imran Khan and Qazi Hussain Ahmed listen to this sane voice?



Toying with terrorism – Kamila Hyat reveals ISI’s close association with the Taliban
Thursday, December 25, 2008 (The News)



Barbarism in Swat – By Khurshid Khan

SWAT’S Sangota Public School was blown to smithereens on Oct 7, 2008 — a dark day in the history of the area.



Unchecked fanaticism in NWFP and the criminal silence of Pakistan’s religious parties -(Dawn, Editorial)



Barbarians at the gate – by Ghazi Salahuddin



Is Pakistan a failed state? What is the relationship between ISI and jihadis? Do Pakistanis love Mullahs? An interesting analysis by Muhammad Hanif
BBC Urdu dot com



Evidence of ISI’s continued support for terrorism and sectarianism….Where is the suicide bomber Shakiel al-La’l ? ‘ISI killing US troops in Afghanistan’ – various reports



Why did the Taliban in Swat exhume Pir Samiullah’s body… Because Pir was from Barelvi sect, and was opposed to the Taliban’s militant activities…

by Delawar Jan



Why is ISI protecting Masood Azhar? What is the linkage between ISI, Jaish-e-Muhammad and Sipah-e-Sahaba? Various reports….



The double-cross role of ISI and Talibans in Pakistan’s tribal areas. What do ordinary, informed Pakistanis think?

What do ordinary Paksitanis think about the role of ISI and Mullahs in terrorist activities in and outside Pakistan? Some comments:


Jihadi and Jasoosi cocktail in Pakistan – By Hasan Mujtaba of BBC Urdu dot com; Also comments on the movie “The Convoy of Death”

An interesting piece on Mullah Military Alliance (ISI-Jihadi Alliance) in Pakistan.



Was the Mumbai attack the Kargil 2? Does ISI wan to topple the democratic government of President Zardari in Pakistan? How can the UN help Pakistan?

An interesting conversation between some educated Pakistanis



Nawaz Sharif says Ajmal Kasab from Faridkot, Pakistan