Mir Murtaza Bhutto Archive

Who killed Murtaza Bhutto? – Khaled Ahmed: September 20 was the anniversary of the assassination of Mir Murtaza Bhutto, the elder son of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. The former president of Pakistan and the Pakistan People’s Party’s “co-chairman”, Asif Ali Zardari, currently located in the UAE, spoke
Woh takhta dar per paida hoa tha -by Saeed Ahmed: وہ تختہ دار پر پیدا ہوا تھا؟ اور 4 اپریل کی درمیانی شب دو بجے 3 ذوالفقار علی بھٹو تختہ دار پر پیدا ہوا تھا۔ اس کو ہمیشہ کی زندگی عطا کرنے کی آخری تیاریاں مکمل ہوچکی تھیں۔ عدالت
Amar Sindhu’s article on Begum Nusrat bhutto: Appeared in Pakistan Post, NewYork امر سندھوجامشورو نصرت ،ریاست ،جمہوریت اور قافلہ شہیدوں کا وہ مٹھی بھر خاک جسکا خمیر سرزمین اصفہاں نصف جہاں میں جڑا تھا، حبس و گھٹن کے اس صحرائی دیش میں باد نسیم بنکر چلی
Another Bhutto gone -by Maleeha Manzoor: Once again black clouds of sorrow have covered us… Ah! Another doleful moment for Pakistan and political history!! Another chapter of history has been closed… Yeah! The former first lady of Pakistan “Begum Nusrat Bhutto” has been departed…A true
Tribute to Begum Nusrat Bhutto (1929-2011) -by Shoaib Mir: Tribute to Begum Nusrat Bhutto (1929-2011) خاک اصفہان جب مل گئ مہر ا ن میں نصف جہا ں کی خو شبو پھیل گئ چا ر سو نشا ن ا متیا ز ہے ما د ر جمہو ر یت جس
ZAB’s nephew challenges Fatima Bhutto’s version: Source: DAWN By: Tariq Islam I refer to Fatima Bhuttos’s book Songs of Blood and Sword. I feel it is incumbent upon me to set the record straight on at least one story. Fatima tells us how Z.A. Bhutto
Bhuttos’ Rendezvous With Death: Shahnawaz, Benazir, Murtaza, Sanam, Nusrat and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in northern Pakistan I Have A Rendezvous With Death — by Alan Seeger I have a rendezvous with Death At some disputed barricade, When Spring comes back with rustling shade
Fatima Bhutto: Dad who would be king – by Nadeem Paracha: “Fatima’s attempt at setting the record straight regarding her father is understandable, but her deriding the woman who led her party into power not through the bullet but by the ballot is not.” The much-awaited book by Murtaza Bhutto’s
Al-Zulfikar: The unsaid history – by Nadeem Paracha: Pakistan is infamous for having a history cramped with assorted Islamist and sectarian organisations that have been unleashing havoc on its people and the state for over a decade. But long before violent terror groups like Sipah-e-Shaba, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, and
Deconstructing Fatima Bhutto – by Abdul Nishapuri: Contrary to the right wing propaganda that the PPP is a party of Bhutto worshippers, the party and its workers have on several occasions proven that they do not blindly follow any specific clan. Instead, they value individual characteristics