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Matiullah Jan’s rebuttal to Mohammad Malick on Pakistani journalists links with army generals: Source: Urdu Point
Asma Jahangir’s exclusive interview on Supreme Court’s army-inspired decision on memogate: Memogate: Asma Jahangir ki nazar mein (Interview by Matiullah Jan, Dawn News) Leading Pakistani lawyer Asma Jahangir today quit as counsel for former envoy to the US, Husain Haqqani, in legal proceedings related to the memo scandal, saying she
We condemn closure of Matiullah Jan’s Apna Gareban. Why no accountability of journalists?: Related posts: TV Anchors and journalists of Pakistan’s media corporate industry always give lectures on “accountability” and ethics, moreover, miss no opportunity to malign civilian elected representatives of pakistani people. Talk shows and their howling and yelling anchors
Journalists enjoying residences in Islamabad: Matiullah Jan of Dawn News has a few weeks ago started his new program called “Apna Gareban” that looks to question many journalistic actions of his community. He has done important programs in the last few weeks including the
Interim Report on Media Investigation: Dawn has significantly covered the interim report of the government set up committee to investigate the rumors that began on Thursday, 14th October, 2010 that made the judiciary go hay wire and become extremely insecure. Jang and The News
The evolution of Dawn News – from English Medium to Urdu Minded – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: Being stationed abroad, I do not receive many Pakistani channels. Until February 2010, I was a little spoilt for choice by receiving Geo!, Dawn News, ARY, AAJ News, PTV and Indus TV on my receiver. Having moved residences, the