Asma Jahangir’s exclusive interview on Supreme Court’s army-inspired decision on memogate

Memogate: Asma Jahangir ki nazar mein (Interview by Matiullah Jan, Dawn News)

Leading Pakistani lawyer Asma Jahangir today quit as counsel for former envoy to the US, Husain Haqqani, in legal proceedings related to the memo scandal, saying she had “no confidence” in the commission formed by the Supreme Court to probe the matter.

Jahangir, one of Pakistan’s leading rights activist, said she had asked Haqqani to engage another lawyer to represent him in the apex court and the court-appointed commission that has been asked to conduct an inquiry into the alleged memo that sought US help to prevent a feared military coup in Pakistan in May.

A nine-judge bench of the Supreme Court led by Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry last week formed a commission comprising the Chief Justices of the High Courts of Islamabad, Balochistan and Sindh to conduct a probe into the memo issue in four weeks.

Jahangir alleged the judges of the Supreme Court were acting “under the influence of the (security) establishment”.

She said: “And if nine judges of the Supreme Court can be (under their influence), then I am sorry to say I cannot have any expectations from High Court judges, who are under (the apex court judges).”

“Should we close our eyes? Should we allow ourselves to be fooled?… I have told my client he can appear before the commission if he wants to, and he will go. I have no confidence at all (in the commission),” Jahangir told Dawn News channel.

“This is the court’s order and we have to follow it but I told (Haqqani) to engage some other lawyer,” she said. (Source)

Some key points from the interview (extracts taken from Twitter and facebook):

  • The Military is running Pakistan’s Supreme Court ; a noose awaits President Zardari and the elected government
  • Pakistan army is the invisible hand behind the memo petition in the Supreme Court
  • I have no confidence in the Memogate commission set up by the Supreme Court
  • Supreme Court’s decision in the memo case is inspired by invisible hands of the military establishment
  • The Supreme Court says they (military) cannot come now, when did they leave?
  • “When the army takes any action, they don’t read case law”
  • Supreme Court gave interim order in Memogate when Husain Haqqani didnt even have a lawyer
  • ‘Only democratic process will take country forward’.
  • Pakistan does not have an “independent” judiciary.
  • Judicial activism uptake on public interest issues shows bias of interest.
  • “Until the last drop of blood in me,I will fight for my rights & your rights”
  • Transition to democracy not complete – transfer of power not taken place in effective terms
  • “Fundamental rights cannot b compromised”; Pakistanis are not idiots they know what is happening..”
  • “Heard of Shakespearean tragedy, but in Pakistan it is Shiekh-Chillian (delusional) tragedy”
  • “Neither they (estab) let us die nor live, the mindset of society be changed only then we can live without fear
  • Husain Haqqani not at PM House because they serve “better cakes and pastries”, he is under threat by the ISI which wants to force convert him to an approver in the memo case
  • If DG ISI is supreme in this country, we can’t claim to be a free nation.
  • “It’s not me, it is Pakistan’s civilians who have lost in the Supreme Court, it is a loss of their basic rights”.



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