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Zardari-Manmohan meeting – A positive development: پاک بھارت رابطہٴ ایک مثبت پیش رفت البرٹ آئین سٹائین نے کہا تھا۔ ٴٴ کسی ایٹم کو توڑنے سے زیادہ مشکل ہےٴ کسی بدگمانی کو ختم کرنا۔ٴ ٴ تقسیم ہند سے لے کر اب تک 64 سالہ پاک بھارت
The 10 Million Dollar Question:   It is an interrelated world. Here are seemingly four unrelated news that you might have caught. US Army is the World’s largest Employer   Hafiz Saeed bounty increased to $10 Million More than 100 Pakistan Army soldiers feared dead in the
Little is expected of Barack Obama’s visit to India: Little is expected of Barack Obama’s visit to India The Economist Oct 28th 2010 | delhi BARACK OBAMA is expected to arrive in India next week in time for Diwali, the subcontinent’s festival of light. In Delhi and Mumbai
Redefining national interest: Raza Rumi The elusive quest for peace between India and Pakistan remains hostage to the military-industrial complex at both the global and regional levels. Such is the dynamic unleashed by two imagined “nations” that their existence as states is
Manmohan Singh in Saudi Arabia: A lesson and a few reminders — by Syed Talat Hussain: The Saudis, in their national interest, can get into a tighter hug with Pakistan’ archenemy without fearing as much as a raised eyebrow in Islamabad, because Saudi Arabia is a giver and Pakistan is a taker Imagine Israeli Prime
The loneliness of Manmohan Singh and a war worth fighting and winning…: Friday, December 05, 2008by Aakar Patel On December 13, 2001, India’s parliament was attacked. Twelve people died, including six policemen and the five attackers. The next day Pakistan’s High Commissioner Ashraf Qazi was summoned to South Block and told