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Notorious co-founder of Taliban, Major Amir appointed by PM Nawaz Sharif to negotiate with Taliban – by Sabah Hasan: I am not an admirer of Generals Yahya or Musharraf. Yet I find it odd that while we find it appropriate to accuse one (sometimes along with a person who was then not yet in power) for surrender to
وزیراعظم نواز شریف طالبان کے سامنے پھر بھیڑ: تحریر: ندیم سعید مذہبی شدت پسندوں جنہیں پاکستان میں اجتماعی طور پر طالبان کہا جاتا ہے ایک ایسی ریاست مخالف طاقت بن چکے ہیں جس سے لڑنے سے ریاستی ادارے اور بیشتر سیاسی جماعتیں کتراتی ہیں۔ انہیں خوش رکھنے
Architect of infamous “Operation Midnight Jackal” Major Amir joins PPP ???: Return of the ‘Midnight Jackal’?By Shahzad RazaWednesday, 08 Apr, 2009 ISLAMABAD, April 7: Major Amir, who allegedly conspired and collaborated with others to topple the first Benazir Bhutto government, is said to have developed close relations with the Pakistan