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Sunni Taliban and Liberal Dawn: This is how Pakistani media obfuscates Deobandi threat to Kalash people and Ismaili Shias of Chitral: Author: Muhammad Aamir Shahzada, Chitral Pakistan’s top-selling English newspaper Dawn’s coverage of the threats faced by the indigenous Kalash tribe and the Shia Ismailis at the hands of the Deobandi Taliban is an example of how the media supports
دیوبندی طالبانی دھشت گردی کااگلا پڑاؤ چترال: اسماعیلی شیعہ و کیلاشیوں کی نسل کشی کا منصوبہ تیار: پاکستان کے شمالی علاقے چترال میں دیوبندی دھشت گرد تنظیم تحریک طالبان پاکستان نے چترال میں آباد اسماعیلی شیعہ اور کیلاش وادی میں کیلاشی باشندوں کے خلاف اعلان جنگ کردیا تحریک طالبان پاکستان کی جانب سے ایک ویڈیو جاری
Who will speak out for kalash tribe of Pakistan? – by Pakistani Meem: Who will speak out for kalash tribe of Pakistan? Are we going to allow this rich culture to disappear from our northern frontiers? Are we going to wipe these kafirs from Pakistan’s religious diversity too? online petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/secretary-general-of-united-nations-help-preserve-kalash-a-tribe-in-pakistan-for-united-nations-protected-site Pakistan
Ethnic Cleansing of Kalash tribe: There are about 3,500 Kalash people living in northern Pakistan. Their culture and language are endangered. They are a remarkable, spiritual and peace loving, animistic people. In the time of the Moghuls (rulers in this region in the 15th