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Living to modernize Afghanistan, and meeting a grim end: KABUL, Afghanistan — From a dusty village in central Afghanistan, where life depends on the almond harvest, Najiba Hussaini made it far. Graduating at the top of her high school class, she won a scholarship to earn a degree
Tafkiri Deobandi Terrorists attacked the Kart-e-Sakhi Shrine in Western Kabul – by Aba Reja: Tafkiri Deobandi Terrorists attacked the Kart-e-Sakhi Shrine in Western Kabul on the eve of Ashura. They entered the shrine disguised as police officers and then attacked the Shia mourners indiscriminately who were commemorating religious ceremonies in honor of Imam
What We Have Learned From Afghanistan – by Congressman Ron Paul:     Last week the Taliban opened an office in Doha, Qatar with the US government’s blessing. They raised the Taliban flag at the opening ceremony and referred to Afghanistan as the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”—the name they used
Obama’s Wars: implications for Pakistan — by Dr Mohammad Taqi: We do not know if Bob Woodward had meant to time it this way, but his latest book, Obama’s Wars, has hit the shelves exactly 14 years after Kabul fell to the Taliban, with Pakistani ‘security advisers’ present as
Remembering Baba Abdul Ali Mazari – by Abdul Nishapuri: Related post: Baba Abdul Ali Mazari – A Shia Hazara but a Global Father Last week, the Afghan nation in general, and the Shia Hazara community in Afghanistan and Pakistan in particular, commemorated the 15th anniversary of martyrdom of
Taliban kill Gayle Williams, a British-South African aid worker, who believed in doctrine of love…: In the name of love SOME would see it as a profession of faith. Others may call it a religion of humanity. Either way, such intrepid devotion to the cause of basic humanism can only merit pure homage —