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The media and Mumbai – By Dr Tariq Rahman: THE Mumbai attacks have seen the media, especially the electronic media, in both countries conduct itself in an irresponsible fashion.Hours after the attack began, the Indian media started showing Bollywood-style films about the perpetrators of the carnage allegedly in
The monster in the mirror. India fight terrorism with justice, or face civil war – by Arundhati Roy: The monster in the mirrorThe Mumbai attacks have been dubbed ‘India’s 9/11’, and there are calls for a 9/11-style response, including an attack on Pakistan. Instead, the country must fight terrorism with justice, or face civil war Arundhati Royguardian.co.uk,
What the Mumbai assault has done in Pakistan is divert attention from the internal threat to an external ‘enemy’. This must not be allowed to happen.: The common enemy (Dawn, Editorial, 13 Dec 2008) GREAT statesmen, it is said, don’t just respond to public opinion: they shape it. In these troubling times when Pakistan is being called the “epicentre” of terrorism by our neighbours to
Pakistan’s newspaper Dawn establishes Faridkot link to Mumbai terror attack. Ajmal Kasab’s father interviewed….: Pakistan’s newspaper Dawn establishes Faridkot link to Mumbai terror attack; Ajmal Kasab’s father
China’s strong message to Pakistan. PPP and PML-N united against terrorism; Cleaning up the act with conviction: Cleaning up the act with conviction The government of Pakistan, together with the leaders of the armed forces, and the main opposition party, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN), have done Pakistan a great service by heeding the voice of
Ex-DG ISI General (R) Javed Ashraf justifies raids on Jamaatud Dawa (JD): Ex-DG ISI Javed Ashraf justifies raids on Dawa LAHORE: Former Inter-Services Intelligence director general (DG) Lt Gen (r) Javed Ashraf Qazi on Friday justified the government’s crackdown on Jamaatud Dawa (JD), saying Pakistan would have been isolated by the
What is absolutely unforgivable is any state-sponsored proxy war, or non-state actors charged by the righteousness of their cause indulging in mayhem.: Between a rock and a hard placeFriday, December 12, 2008by Shafqat Mahmood We have been in trouble for so long that sometimes we do not recognise the intensity of our new difficulties. The Mumbai tragedy may not lead to
UN Security Council sanctions Pakistani terrorist groups (Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jamaatud-Dawa). But is that enought?: However, sanctioning is not enough. The UNSC must constitute a high-level team to tbe stationed in Pakistan, to continuously monitor and implement the closure of all forms of Jihadi activities in Pakistan, Azad Kashmir and also in tribal areas.
Names and pictures of terrrorists involved in the Mumbai attacks. All of them belonged to Lashkar-e-Toiba & also Sipah-e-Sahaba from D.I.Khan: India releases names, details on Mumbai gunmen By MUNEEZA NAQVI – (The Associated Press) MUMBAI, India (AP) — Police in India said Tuesday they had identified the nine suspected Islamic militants killed during the three-day siege of Mumbai and
Mumbai Attacks: An Al-Qaida attempt to provoke India-Pakistan War?: Farooq Sulehria9 December 2008 The butchery unleashed on Mumbai by a team of 10 black-hooded terrorists came to an end on November 29 at around 8.30 am. This is the sixth time Mumbai has come under some kind of
Pakistan on tightrope with militant raid: Pakistan on tightrope with militant raidIt targeted a camp of the group linked to the Mumbai attacks Sunday. By Mark Sappenfield – | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitorand Issam Ahmed – | Contributor to The Christian Science
Pakistan arrests suspected mastermind of Mumbai attacks: Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, a terrorist of Lashkar-e-Taiba /Jamatud Dawa arrested.: Pakistan arrests suspected mastermind of Mumbai attacksZaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, named by sole surviving attacker as ringleader, held after raid on militant camp in Pakistani Kashmir * Saeed Shah in Islamabad * guardian.co.uk, Monday December 8 2008 16.56 GMT Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi
Pakistan army raids Laskhar-e-Toiba /Jamaatud Dawa compound in Kashmir.: Army raids LeT compound in Kashmir, say witnessesTariq Naqash and Syed Irfan RazaMonday, 08 Dec, 2008 (Dawn) MUZAFFARABAD/ISLAMABAD: Security forces have launched a ‘quiet’ crackdown on activists belonging to the banned jihadi outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba in different parts of the
Mumbai terrorist came from Pakistan, local villagers confirm – Ajmal Amir Kasab: * Saeed Shah in Faridkot, near Depalpur * The Observer, Sunday December 7 2008 An Observer investigation has established that the lone surviving gunman caught by Indian police during last week’s terrorist attacks on Mumbai came from a village
Profile of a terrorist: Mohammad Ajmal Amir Imran (Kasab) of Laskhar-e-Toiba, a recruit from Faridkot: The capture of the terrorist Mumbai massacre story unfolds in terrorist’s interrogation Praveen Swami — PHOTO: AFP Prize catch: Mohammad Ajmal Amir Iman, the only terrorist arrested in Mumbai, is undergoing treatment at an undisclosed location in the city.
Lashkar-e-Taiba – By Steve Coll: THE NEW YORKER December 1, 2008Lashkar-e-TaibaSteve Coll Indian and American officials are now reporting that the Mumbai attackers seem to have connections to Lashkar-e-Taiba, the Pakistan-based Islamist organization. Among other analytical clues, over the weekend, one anonymous American official
Profile of a terrorist: Hafiz Mohammed Saeed of Lashkar-e-Taiba: Hafiz Mohammed Saeed: Pakistan’s heart of terror Hafiz Muhammad Saeed is the head (ameer) of Jama’at-ud-Da’wah Pakistan. He was a professor in Islamic Studies department of University of Engineering and Technology