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Muslims in the world of Modern Science – by Muhammad Faisal Younus: Thousands of years ago, it was a golden era of Muslims in terms of science and education. 800 AD to 1100 AD was a time when Baghdad was well-known for its scientific knowledge and inventions. A large number of
Undeniable parallel between 7th century tyrant Caliph Muawiyah and ISIS: Editor’s note: We are cross posting two articles by Catherine Shakdam.  The articles attempt to explain the historic components of the current ISIS. The world continues to look on as the Middle East descends further into the abyss of
یہ خوش گمان مفکرین و مصلحین‎: لکهنے کی بیماری ہے سو لکهنے بیٹھ گئے.لیکن لکهنے کے بعد احساس ہوا کہ متنازعہ ہوگیا سو وضاحتی سطور بهی ہوجائیں کہ یہ صد قابل بحث ہے. لیکن اگر تاریخ سے سبق لیتے ہوئے اگلی منازل طے کرلی جائیں
Malala and our hypocrisy – by A Z: We are ready to judge Malala even before she has done something wrong and not willing to judge Taliban even after they have killed tens of thousands. Why? To me, this ‘why’ is nonsensical. What else can one expect?