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Pakistani media publish fake WikiLeaks cables attacking India: Related Article: A glaring example of how ISI dictates Pakistani newspapers: The case of a missing WikiLeak cable Comments alleged to be from WikiLeaks US embassy cables say Indian generals are genocidal and New Delhi backs militants They read
Blessed are the WikiLeaks revolutionaries —Babar Ayaz: Related Article: Progressive Pakistani bloggers in support of Julian Assange It is ironic that the Saudis have labelled Zardari as a “rotten head”, while their whole body polity is rotten. This comment is like the pot calling the kettle
Mahatma Gandhi: the fake prophet – by Farooq Sulehria: Source: ViewPoint During WW1 Gandhi took upon himself to play the recruiting agent to enlist Indians for British army. He could one day call himself ‘an anarchist’ while next day could visit Italy on Mussolini’s invitation and attended Balilla’s
India’s ‘super power dream’ – by B.R. Gowani: Life has really changed in one decade! In 2000 the then President Bill Clinton, paid a five-hour visit to Pakistan (in an unmarked plane) where he lectured the citizens live on the national TV. In India, he spent five
Christians ask Obama to condemn violent Hindu extremism: Christians in India are asking U.S. President Barack Obama to stand up for issues such as human rights, peace, justice, and dialogue, says Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay and Chairman of the Bishops’ Conference of India, in an
Judiciary on trial – by Kuldip Nayar: While Kuldeep Nayar raises some important questions about the accountability of judges in the Supreme Court of India, LUBP readers will appreciate that similar questions are rather more valid in the Pakistani context. Parliament must realise that the judiciary
Keep the peace: This post is about the Indian High Court ruling in the Babri Masjid case, and after that sane people’s advice to their respective communities to remain peaceful and calm. And here I’m going to quote one letter to the editor,
India is changing, we also need a cultural change: The candid photograph of a Hindu and a Muslim in Ayodhya having a quiet laugh is a snapshot of the way India’s citizenry reacted to the verdict. They may have their opinions, and sharp ones at that, but they
Kashmir Bleeds, Does Anyone Heed?- by Hafsa Khawaja: Befittingly termed once as ‘Heaven on Earth’, with millions martyred since the past 6 decades, thousands of half-widows, orphans and missing – Kashmir today is a Palestine-in-the-making of Asia. As the Kashmir intifada continues, anyone keeping a keen eye on
India’s golden opportunity – By B. R. GOWANI: “A woman yells as her child is evacuated from the roof of a mosque where residents were taking refuge from flood waters in Sanawa, Pakistan on August 5, 2010.” Photo/Reuters/Stringer/Boston Globe Following the bloody partition of the Indian sub-continent
Low-cost housing: a viable option? by Ali Wahab: Source: Express Tribune Shelters of millions were wiped out in the devastating floods of 2010. With the numbers still coming in, it has been estimated that more than 0.7 million homes have been destroyed across Pakistan till now. In
Cricket as a metaphor – by Irfan Husain: Another day, another scandal. Judging from the media coverage of the cricket betting sting first reported by the News of the World, it would appear that there are no floods devastating the country; that millions have not been displaced;
Bollywood film takes on sexual harassment – by Shail Kumar Singh: Bollywood is tackling the subject of sexual harassment in the workplace, which campaigners say is increasingly becoming an issue as traditional gender roles change in modern urban India. “Hello Darling”, which was released on Friday, is inspired by the
Media Effects on Public Opinion: Source:new Pakistan The organization Pew Research Center released a new study last week based on a survey of Pakistanis about opinions on extremism, America, India, etc etc. While the report focuses primarily on attitudes towards America (not surprising since
Why the President Should visit UK as Planned – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: British Prime Minister, Mr. David Cameron, while replying to a question in Bangalore last week warned Pakistan that it should not be allowed “to promote the export of terror” in the world. He said it was intolerable that Pakistan
Redefining national interest: Raza Rumi The elusive quest for peace between India and Pakistan remains hostage to the military-industrial complex at both the global and regional levels. Such is the dynamic unleashed by two imagined “nations” that their existence as states is
‘Hindus are not our enemies’ – Interview with Dr Mubarak Ali: Our foreign policy is India-centric and any policy regarding India is vetted and approved by the Army. Pakistan Army is the real force behind our policy towards India Mazhar Jadoon Eminent historian and scholar Dr Mubarak Ali traces back
No alternative to peace with India: Raza Rumi Once again, the fragile peace process between India and Pakistan has commenced. It is too early to say whether it will lead to an amicable settlement of seemingly intractable issues. What is clear is that the peoples
Fatal obsession: Raza Rumi It is a matter of public record that the founder of Pakistan had stated that Indo-Pakistan relationship will resemble that of the USA and Canada. Even before the Partition, Jinnah in a 1946 press conference stated, “the
Down with Aurangzeb, long live Dara Shikoh – by Zahida Hina:
State sponsored terrorism in Indian Occupied Kashmir – by Abdul Nishapuri: State sponsored terrorism in Indian Occupied Kashmir remains an ugly blot on the face of democracy in India. The Kashmir dispute is the oldest unresolved international conflict in the world today. India’s forcible occupation of the State of Jammu
Cable Net Works spreading Indian Culture (Tariq Azeem) : By Khalid Wasti: طارق عظیم کا بیان کسی منجھے ہوئے سیاستدان کے ذرخیز ذہن کی اختراع ہے جس کے مختلف النوع پہلوؤں کا احاطہ کرنا ممکن نہیں – پہلی بات تو یہ ہے کہ موصوف کچھ پلے ہی نہیں پڑنے دیتے کہ
Iran to India: Energy alliance between South and Central Asia – by Shiraz Paracha: (Map source) LUBP Exclusive Pakistan and India both face energy shortages but this crisis can be turned into a huge opportunity if (and there is big if) India and Pakistan are able to form an alliance that also includes
Who are the Maoists?: Rakesh Mani on India’s Maoist underbelly – despite differences, struck me how much the Naxals share with Pk-based militants (Taliban, Lashkars etc). Change a few words here & tweak a few facts there and this could be about Pakistan’s
Political interpretation of religion – by Wahiduddin Khan: Introduction (adapted from Yoginder Sikand’s article in Milli Gazette) Coming to terms with the challenges of modernity has been a major concern of many Muslim scholars and Islamic activists. How can Islam as a universal ideology be expressed in
RSVP: Sania weds Shoaib – by Bahadar Ali Khan: The entire Pakistani public pervaded into a jubilation and, apparently, in a triumphant phase after Shoaib betrothed with Sania Mirza. Personally, I would like to offer my blessings for the couple. However, ( here goes the cynicism, again )
Nowruz: The forgotten spring festival of subcontinent – by Shaheryar Ali: Related post: Nowruz in Parachinar, Pakistan – by Riaz Toori If one looks at the cultural history of Muslims in India, its hard to ignore the festival of Nowruz: The spring festival of Persia and central Asia which marks
Zardari’s Courage – by Selig S. Harrison: In response to U.S. pressure, India and Pakistan recently conducted their first diplomatic dialogue since the Pakistan-based Islamist group Lashkar-e-Taiba staged its terrorist attack on Mumbai in November 2008. The discussions were acrimonious, and the blame game began almost
Zaid Hamid and Ghuzwa-i-Hind — by Tayyab Shah: Zaid Hamid and his followers will not shy away from using religious texts of doubtful authenticity, with totally wrong and self-serving interpretations, to promote war. But the Pakistani youth is no more willing to be at the receiving end
Who is behind Zaid Hamid’s crush India brigade? – by Kamran Shafi: The crazy Right and rump Pakistan I was to regale you with other stories to do with our security establishment’s tortured and seemingly futile hunt for the very elusive holy grail of strategic depth in Afghanistan (I ask you)
The 1947-48 Kashmir War — by Ishtiaq Ahmed: Take up any book published in Pakistan on the division of the common assets of the Indian Royal Armed Forces and you will find Pakistan, justifiably, claiming that it was not given a fair share of the tanks, guns
Manmohan Singh in Saudi Arabia: A lesson and a few reminders — by Syed Talat Hussain: The Saudis, in their national interest, can get into a tighter hug with Pakistan’ archenemy without fearing as much as a raised eyebrow in Islamabad, because Saudi Arabia is a giver and Pakistan is a taker Imagine Israeli Prime
Holi festival and Pakistani Hindus: Picture Source: BBC Urdu Pakistani Hindus to miss Holi celebrations February 23, 2010, Islamabad: The few Pakistani Hindus, who have made the federal capital their home, will miss splashing colours at each other as they brace up for a
Strategy to demonize civilian government? – by Anas Abbas: One of the main aims of Pakistan Army and its pro Taliban media sympathizers is to launch campaigns against the civilian government structure in order to justify its controversial interference. The strategy employed here to achieve this objective by
Maulana Azad and Partition: Update: Correction: The following article is considered to be fake, hence readers are advised to post no further comments on a fake article. We have decided not to delete this post in order to preserve the comments in this
Zaid Hamid’s Ghazwa-e-Hind Brigade – by Anas Abbas: According to Zion Hamid, Ghazwa-e-Hind is an event supposed to take place on August 14, 2012 at 4:40am in India. See the source: GHAZWA-E-HIND on facebook Please find below the Ghazwa-e- Hind Brigade. Commander Zaid with burger mujahedaas Here are
Three pictures, a column and the mindset of Syed Talat Hussain: The first few paragraphs in Syed Talat Hussain’s op-ed today offer his choice and analysis of three pictures. However, more than anything else, this choice and analysis also betrays his mindset, explaining why this excellent anchor sometimes acts as
Congratulations, General Kayani, on defeating ‘bad’ Taliban and ‘bad’ politicians at the same time – by Cyril Almeida: Coming full circle Friday, 12 Feb, 2010 OUR boys in uniform have a spring in their step again. Domestically, they have taken on two enemies and appear to be winning: the civilian government has been reduced to parroting the
The myth of Ghazwa-tul-Hind – by Ale Natiq: Ghazwa-tul-Hind: Pakistani flag hoisted at Red Fort, Delhi, India. This image was created and circulated by the (ISI mouth-piece Zaid Hamid’s organization) team. Religion has quite frequently been used as an excuse for military motives. Talking specifically about
This is what young Pakistanis are learning: Activists of the JuD hold aloft weapons during an anti-India protest rally in Lahore on Friday