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This post is about the Indian High Court ruling in the Babri Masjid case, and after that sane people’s advice to their respective communities to remain peaceful and calm. And here I’m going to quote one letter to the editor, which was published in letter to editor section of the DAWN and a leading bollywood’s actress[former Miss World]  priyanka chopra’s article. The article and letter both suggest tranquility, serenity and harmony.

Peace between communities

Coincidentally, Iqbal Jafar’s and Kuldip Nayar’s articles have appeared in your newspaper(DAWN) side by side (Oct 8).
Both have given good advice to their respective communities — Muslim and Hindu.
Mr Jafar in his article, “Muslims of South Asia” has advised Muslims to emerge from a sterile mindset created by a “mismatch of global dreams and local realities”.
Further he has advised the Muslims — especially Indian Muslims — to launch a movement for peace and reconciliation between Hindus and Muslims.
He argued that if the Europeans had given up mutual bloodshed and are now living as good neighbours why cannot we also learn from them in South Asia for the sake of mutual prosperity?
Similarly Kuldip Nayar has advised (mainly the Hindus) not to take the same road of conflict and bloodshed being traversed since independence but look towards a brighter future by harnessing science and technology for the progress of the people of South Asia.
If the Hindus and Muslims wish to avoid colliding into the juggernaut of extremism they will do well to heed carefully the advice of thinkers like Iqbal Jafar and Kuldip Nayar instead of hankering about a glorious past.
Too much time and intellectual energy of South Asian scholars has been wasted on writing on “superiority” of respective cultures.
It is time now to emerge from the mindset of past centuries caused by the mismatch of “global dreams and local realities” referred by the authors.
The question now to be asked is what to do for a better tomorrow?




My ideal lady gorgeous Priyanka Chopra also called for peace before decision on Babri Mosque, she has mentioned in her article that for the sake of maintaining  peace and harmony, please react sensibly or think rationally , just to avoid strong reaction and clashes. She writes
“As I write this column, the verdict on the Babri Masjid title suit has not been announced and we are three days away from the start of the Commonwealth Games.  Though seemingly unrelated, individually and collectively, these 2 ‘events’ are likely to have a huge impact on us as a nation. And with these unrelated events, the only binding factor, is us, the citizens of India. Our decisions and how we react is going to be critical.
I would rather not ‘guess’ which way the verdict will go, but I would like to reiterate something I said last week.  As the youth who are driving this country to the next level, if we decide to commit ourselves to the judicial process, then we can create platforms to raise our voice in agreement or dissent rather than raise our hands in violence. Let’s keep the peace please.
With the Commonwealth Games, reams of news print and loads of TV time have laid bare the embarrassingly dismal situation and sheer disregard of the an ineffective leadership. But it’s time now that we put it all behind us.  The games are ON and we are the HOSTS. Nothing we do now can change that. So, we have to rally together and make the best of this situation. As Indians, tradition has always demanded “Atithi Devo Bhava” and now it’s time to actualise that. But more importantly I believe that we need to bring some positivity to the games. Let’s deal with the situation when the games are over, let’s hang out the dirty linen then… but now, we have to come together and show the world that irrespective of the hurdles, we can do what we set out to do.  If nothing else, just lend your voice in support.”



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