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Pakistanis on Twitter condemn Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s racist tweets against IDPs: Hundreds of Pakistanis on Twitter have strongly reacted to Oscar award winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s racist tweets in which she suggested to ‘contain’ the internally displaced persons (IDPs) displaced due to Pakistan army’s Operation Zarb-e-Azb against Deobandi and Salafi
آپریشن ضرب عضب کے متاثرین اور تکفیری خارجی دہشتگردوں کا ہدف بننے والے مظلومین – از خرم زکی: آج کل آپ کو سوشل میڈیا پر کئی پیجز پر وزیرستان میں فوجی آپریشن سے متاثر افراد کی تصویریں دکھائی دیں گی ان تصویروں میں خاص طور پر ان بچیوں کی تصویریں ہوں گی جو نقل مکانی کرنے والے
A report from Kurram — by Farhat Taj: Both Shia and Sunni IDPs have many complaints against the parliamentarians elected from Kurram. They say that elected representatives from Swat did a great deal to alleviate the sufferings of the Swati IDPs whereas the Kurram parliamentarians have done
We did not do it – by Gulmina Bilal Ahmad: We are a people blessed with time but a country for which time is running short. Clarity is a rare commodity; clarity in terms of our actions, our thinking, judicious dispensation of aid and even our worldviews.I had written
A plea for Bara IDPs — by Farhat Taj: The IDPs request the government to open vocational centres in the camp for training in employable skills like carpentry, masonry, welding, electrical wiring, plumbing, etc. The IDPs also request for vocational centres for income generation and skill development purposes
Mohmand IDPs: forced expulsion? — by Farhat Taj: The IDPs from Mohmand must not be forced to leave the camp. Let us not forget that the people of Mohmand Agency, like people from elsewhere in FATA, are paying the torturous price for the military establishment’s policy of
Balochistan’s unattended IDP crisis — by Malik Siraj Akbar: There are obvious reasons for the country’s security establishment to create obstacles for aid workers. The grave violations of human rights during the military operation in Balochistan are likely to be exposed to the international community once they are
Bajaur’s IDPs – stories of the silent victims of the Taliban brutalities….: Bajaur’s IDPs – our wretched of the earth Tuesday, January 20, 2009 Farhat Taj I spend a whole day with the internally displaced people, IDPs, from Bajaur in a camp near Peshawar. I went from tent to tent to