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‘Hindus are not our enemies’ – Interview with Dr Mubarak Ali: Our foreign policy is India-centric and any policy regarding India is vetted and approved by the Army. Pakistan Army is the real force behind our policy towards India Mazhar Jadoon Eminent historian and scholar Dr Mubarak Ali traces back
Hindu families evicted for drinking water from mosque: with thanks : THENEWS Friday, July 09, 2010 By Rabia Ali Karachi As many as 60 Hindu men, women and children were forced into abandoning their homes in Memon Goth and taking refuge in a cattle pen all because
Epicedium of Soil – by Suleman Akhtar: He is standing by the window in this particular instant of time, trying to see through its blurry glass. Outside the window, autumn of Nordic Europe is descending down the pale, yellowish Aspen trees in the suburbs of Stockholm.
Pakistan’s first ‘tarana’ by Jagan Nath Azad: Related post: Jagan Nath Azad did not write Pakistan’s first national anthem – by Dr Safdar Mehmood Cross Posted from Beena Sarwar’s Blog Complete version of the tarana by the Lahore-based poet Jagan Nath Azad, who was asked by
Justice Khawaja Sharif speaks once again, this time against Hindus – by Abdul Nishapuri: Chief Justice of Lahore High Court, Justice Khawaja Sharif, has spoken once again, with the hate speech and prejudice which are his usual characteristics. Justice Sharif is notorious for his unflinching support for PML-N and Taliban and for his hostility
A tale of two Pakistani girls which remains hidden in other more important news: Here are two news items (which remain hidden in the more important headlines) from today’s newspapers. These news items once again reveal the typically hypocritical, class- and religion-centric and misogynistic nature of Pakistani society. The first story is about
Holi festival and Pakistani Hindus: Picture Source: BBC Urdu Pakistani Hindus to miss Holi celebrations February 23, 2010, Islamabad: The few Pakistani Hindus, who have made the federal capital their home, will miss splashing colours at each other as they brace up for a
International tolerance day – by Humza Ikram: Posted by: Jarri MirzaGuest blog: Humza Ikram Today world is celebrating International tolerance day but sadly Pakistani society is getting more and more intolerant. Our right wing
Sangh Privar: The Hindu Taliban of India – Guest post by Qudrat Ullah: SANGH PARIVAR- THE FAR RIGHT FRINGE By Qudrat Ullah Launched by the inspired volunteers of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) with the sole purpose of attaining Gandhian Swaraj, the loose conglomerate of a total of 31 zealot organizations called Sangh
Hinduism: An eco-friendly way of life: A thought provoking article by Riaz Sohail on BBC Urdu dot com, comparing the treatment of peacocks in Sindh by Muslims versus Hindus. Shame on those Muslims who claim that their religion is a message of peace for all
What unsung minorities have done for Pakistan – Guest post by Qudrat Ullah: By Qudrat Ullah The Gojra inferno has once again highlighted the need to reassess our treatment of Pakistan’s most potential asset- the non Muslim Pakistanis and decide the future strategy in the light of past mistakes. One positive aftermath
Fata’s 35 Hindus migrate to India: To our Hindu brothers and sisters, we have only this much to say. “We are sorry. This is not Jinnah’s Pakistan. This is Mullah Omar’s, Qazi Hussain Ahmed’s and General Hamid Gul’s Pakistan.“ …   More then 200,000 people
Jinnah said: “Hindus and Muslims would be the best of friends”: Only if they could get rid of…: Peace is the only way out By Kuldip Nayar IT is a shame that only 13 out of 760 MPs were present recently to pay tribute to the watch and ward personnel shot dead on Dec 13 in the
The Hindu fundamentalists work within the geographical boundaries of their own country and as such do not attract attention worldwide…: Hindu fundamentalism ALMOST anything is digestible in the heat of the moment. When Mumbai came under attack, most of Pakistan mourned as well. And why not, for who other than Pakistanis have been most brutalised by terrorism in the
The BJP’s election plank will be Mumbai. This is understandable of a party which thrives on divisions and disruption – By Kuldip Nayar: Road that leads nowhere By Kuldip Nayar IT is difficult to say whether the assembly elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Chhattisgarh, Delhi and Mizoram are the semi-finals. The voters were agitated and angry over the terror
Extremist Salafis and Deobandis versus Extremist Hindus: The new face of terrorism in India? The simmering in Bombay – By Aakar Patel: A few men with guns Saturday, November 29, 2008 (The News)By Aakar Patel The writer is a former newspaper editor who lives in Bombay. Among the papers he has edited is Mid-day, an afternoon paper that is published from
Prospects of Hindu terrorism in India: At least 10 people, including a serving Lieutenant Colonel Prashad Srikant Purohit and a Hindu monk and nun, have been arrested over alleged involvement in bomb explosions that killed four people in the Muslim-dominated town of Malegaon in the
Suspected Indian Army Personnel’s involvement in Malegaon blasts – ISI versus RAW and sectarianism in India and Pakistan: Indeed, it is not just ISI (or ‘was not’ just ISI) that has (had) connections with organizations which are (were?) involved in terrorist/sectarian activities in and outside Pakistan. Indian Army too does not seem to be not much different.