Gang Rapists Archive

Umar Razak, the UK sex abuse monster, flies to Pakistan and says: I’m living the high life – by Jeremy Armstrong, Alun Palmer, Lucy Thornton: One of the abusers at the heart of the Rotherham child sex scandal today boasted he was “living the high life” – leaving his victim distraught. Sick Umar Razaq – released from jail after appealing the length of his
Delhi gang rape verdict: Is it a crime to be born a girl in India? – by Maheen Usmani: After the verdict, the family could not contain their grief with the mother saying the court might just as well acquit the rapist. PHOTO: AFP She came from a small town in Uttar Pradesh, but she had big dreams.
Kainat Soomro: Lost her brother pursuing gang rapists- by Rabia Ali: Source: The News, 26 June 2010 The family of the gang-rape victim Kainat Soomro had to suffer another loss on Saturday as they found the body of Kainat’s elder brother, who had been pursuing his sister’s case in courts,