Kainat Soomro: Lost her brother pursuing gang rapists- by Rabia Ali

Source: The News, 26 June 2010

The family of the gang-rape victim Kainat Soomro had to suffer another loss on Saturday as they found the body of Kainat’s elder brother, who had been pursuing his sister’s case in courts, from a remote area in Balochistan — almost three months after he was allegedly picked up by police from Dadu.

The family told The News that the body of the deceased would reach Karachi early Sunday morning. Sabir Soomro, 24 , was kidnapped from the village of Mehar in Dadu district in March. The young man had gone home to sell the family house in order to pay the expenses for fighting Kainat’s case in the court. Kainat holds police officials and the four acquitted men of her case responsible for her brother’s death. “The culprits along with the police killed my brother. Despite informing the government about the death threats, which I and my family were receiving, the authorities did not provide us any kind of support or protection. Instead, they chose to malign us and called us liars,” she told The News.

Kainat was only 13 years of age when she was gang- raped by four men in Dadu in 2007. Following the incident, the family came to Karachi and has been living here since then. But justice is something that Kainat has been waiting for long. She has now filed an appeal against the court decision’s which acquitted all the four accused in the rape case.

Abdul Hai of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) said that the civil society was supporting the victim but, unfortunately, police officials did not take the matter up and neglected the cases. He added that the accused party, by using their influence, lodged false cases against Kainat’s brother, forcing him to go through the ordeal of serving a sentence in the prison. He urged the government to pay attention towards this issue and provide justice to Kainat and catch the murderers of her brother. However, the murder of elder brother has not dampened Kainat’s resolve to seek justice. “The Jirga back home wanted me to take back the case, forgive the culprits and accept money as compensation. They warned me and my family of dire consequences if I did not obey their commands. But I declined them. Today, my brother is no more alive, but I will continue to fight for my right. I will do it even if my body is riddled with hundreds of bullets,” a determined Kainat said between tears.

Mourning the loss of her child, the wails of Kainat’s mother echoed in the background. “My mother is in trauma. What was our fault? Whom do we go to? What should we do,” the 16-year-old girl questioned. Sabir had also gone through a lot in supporting his sister. Ghulam Nabi Soomro, the father, told The News that Sabir’s in-laws had turned against them and filed a false case against Sabir of murdering his wife. “My son served a nine-month sentence when a false case was registered against him for murdering his wife. It was a baseless accusation as his wife is very much alive. They all are murderers of my innocent son. I am shattered.”

Meanwhile, the family has decided to protest against the killing at the Karachi Press Club. “We will go to the Supreme Court; we will go to the court. We will go to the President House and the prime minister. I will fight for my brother’s loss and for my own right. I will seek revenge. No one can stop us,” said the distressed yet steadfast Kainat.



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