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  • Noam Chomsky: Under corrupt and regressive Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan has no future – by Mahpara Qalandar

    Noam Chomsky: Under corrupt and regressive Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan has no future – by Mahpara Qalandar

    In an interview published in the backdrop of Pakistan’s forthcoming elections, only a couple of days away now (11 May 2013), the great political thinker of these times Noam Chomsky has not shown much optimism about the outcome of the election results if the Punjabi Islamist mafia led by Nawaz Sharif wins. First, he says […]

  • Politics of recognition -by Mushtaq Gaadi

    OF all the claims for the creation of new provinces, that of the Seraiki demand has the most potentially constructive consequences for state, democracy and federalism in Pakistan. If and when a Seraiki province is carved out of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as we know it, a historic move would have been taken towards rationalising […]

  • Carving out new federating units for stronger federation

    What is Federalism John Kincaid, Professor at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania and director of the College’s Meyner Center for the Study of State and Local Government gave a useful definition of federalism: Federalism is essentially a system of voluntary self-rule and shared rule. This is implied in the derivation of the word ‘federal’, which comes […]

  • Reverting to the Quaid’s Pakistan – By Wajid Shamsul Hasan

    There is every reason for over a million strong Pakistani Diaspora in UK and Pakistanis wherever to celebrate their country’s 64th Independence Day with great fervour and enthusiasm. It will be their fourth Independence Birth anniversary under a democratic dispensation achieved after too much of blood, toil, tears and untold human sacrifices. The occasion will […]

  • A Pakistani renaissance -By Mian Raza Rabbani

    The 1973 Constitution given by Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was democratic, federal and parliamentary. It had a vision of Federalism in terms of fiscal devolution, ownership of resources, participation in policy formation and collective decision making. This was a fundamental change from earlier Constitutions. Unfortunately with deliberate intent various provisions of the Constitution, in particular, […]

  • Call for the senate reforms in Pakistan

    All federations agree that federal system should be comprised of two houses of parliament; National Assembly, based on population; one citizen one vote, and other is the Senate based on territories of the states. The bicameral legislature is of vital importance in ensuring the equalization of participation for all federing units. Following are the recommendations/suggestions […]

  • Scope of constitutional provisions and space for provincial autonomy

    The Civic Education Network Pakistan organized a learning event; Constitutional Literacy Campaign, “Scope of Constitutional Provisions and Space for Provincial Autonomy” in Lahore on July 31, 2011. The 18th Amendment and the 7th National Finance Commission(NFC) Award have signficantly changed the the resource distribution criterion, ownership over natural resources and modalities of fiscal management such […]

  • Excerpts from an Interview of Ghaus Bakhsh Bizenjo Part 1 – by Dr Feroze Ahmed

    غوث بخش بزنجو کے انٹرویو کے اقتباسات – ڈاکٹر فیروز احمد قومی جمہوریت کا نظام –  موجودہ نو آبادیاتی نظام جو انگریز چھوڑ گئے تھے لیکن جو اب تک ہم پر مسلّط ہے، اس میں ایک آزاد ملک کےاقتصادی، سیاسی اور  سماجی تقاضوں کو پورا کرنے کی صلاحیّت نہیں ہے، اسلئے اس نظام کی جگہ […]

  • Filling in the Dots: Why PILDAT is reviving Kalabagh debate – by Aziz Narejo

    Kalabagh Dam is a very bad idea indeed. If ONLY for the reason that 3 out of 4 federating units of this blessed country have rejected it. I am familiar enough with the Mardan-Nowshera-Charsadda area well enough to know that when without this monstrosity there is water standing along the roads just three feet below the level of the […]

  • Citizens for democracy; no to undemocratic and unconstitutional change

    LAHORE, Oct 3: Participants at a South Asia Free Media Association (Safma) seminar expressed on Sunday their concerns at an all-sided institutional, financial and societal destabilisation in a terrorism-ridden country, and demanded all state institutions work within their constitutional limits. “We call upon all organs of the state to work in the parameters of the […]

  • سیلابی سیاست – by Ahsan Abbas Shah

    کُچھ ہی عرصہ پرانی بات ہے، چار بھائی پانی کی تقسیم کے معاہدے پر عدم اطمینان کرتے ہوئے ایک دوسرے کی ٹانگ کھینچھنے اور نیچا دِکھانے میں مصروف تھے، گرما گرم بیانات، اِلزامات کی بارش، صوبائی تعصب پر مبنی حقوق غصب کئے جانے کا واویلا۔۔۔۔۔مذاکرات اور مُباحثےہوتے رہے، جلتی پر تیل کا کام میڈیا ٹاک […]

  • Punjab in a federation – by Asha’ar Rehman

    Punjab in a federation By Asha’ar Rehman Thursday, 26 Feb, 2009 A: “Today I have everything… government, power (?), backing of the global masters (??). You…What do you have?” B: “I have the people.” If it weren’t for the solemnity that a still fresh Supreme Court verdict is required to be met with, we would […]