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Agencies have tasked Mufti Naeem Deobandi to infiltrate MQM to create support for the banned terrorist outfit SSP-ASWJ: According to informed sources from Karachi, the notorious pro-Taliban Deobandi cleric Mufti Naeem of Jamia Binoria has been tasked by agencies to infilitrate the MQM, a secular and moderate political party. Mufti Naeem Deobandi is known for his views
A Pakistani liberal blogger Ali Chishti praises ASWJ’s Ludhianvi, wants tighter blasphemy laws against Shia Muslims: Related posts: ISI-sponsored anchors are promoting Takfiri terrorists to boost Shia genocide in Muharram Let’s deflect tattoo scandal from Deobandis to Shias: Liberal blogger Ali Chishti and Sipah Sahaba in action Onward march of an agency-connected propagandist A few