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Risky business – Acumen : Ideas: There’s a thin line between fearlessness and foolishness, and Usman Ahmad knows better than anyone how to walk it. The temerarious CEO of Nizam Energy, Acumen’s new investment in Pakistan, doesn’t just love a challenge — he has built his career
PMLN taking credit of power projects started by PPP – by Naveed Javed: Nawaz Sharif is habitual of taking credits of the projects initiated by his competitors. The thought came to mind when I learned some PMLN activists ranting about their bla bla governance and capabilities on the inauguration of 84MW hydropower
A Response to Shahzaman’s video ‘Boycott Electricity Bills from November 2010’- by Sindhyar Talpur: A video is doing rounds by the Singer Shazaman which calls on people to not to pay their electricity bills in the November of 2010. Tactics evidently is of bougious civil disobedience, thats what ‘parah likhas do’ not stupid tire
Power Crisis – IPPs do not present a solution – by Nadeem Khan: There is a huge question mark on the power generation as compared to the rated installed capacity which is very much high as against the demand of the country. The reason of short fall is only non payment to
The pro-Taliban terrorists of PML-N riot in Punjab…: Rioting against loadshedding The country experienced widespread rioting against loadshedding on Tuesday, led by Punjab where mobs with urchins in front broke everything in sight.
Diamer-Bhasha Dam Controversy: The rights of the people of Northern Areas must be respected…: Bhasha: The Damned Dam Md. Sadiq Pakistan’s plan of constructing the Bhasha dam has led to widespread protests in Gilgit. The Bhasha project has led to a major controversy as the dam is currently being debated in Pakistan as
Who is behind the attacks on WAPDA offices? Who is manufacturing violent demonstrations against the democratic government?: Who is behind the attacks on WAPDA offices? Who is manufacturing violent demonstrations against the Federal Government in the guise of protests against load-shedding and electricity bills? Beware of the unholy nexus of Jamaat-e-Islami and ISI. Shahbaz Sharif must