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This crook must never be allowed to don Pakistan’s colours again – by AZ: Nations just don’t do it, I can’t think of any respectable nation that will allow this to happen. Thank you, Ramiz Raja for speaking up the truth. Before many lala land dick heads come out of the woodwork and
Asif , Amir and Butt – these cheats should not be trusted again – by AZ:     For some reason, I cannot reconcile with the fear that these cheats will again don the colours of Pakistan. They are an epitome of the people who are very interested in the dubious and unethical ways to
Criminal cricketers and their accomplices — by Abbas Zaidi: The three cricketers are proven guilty and are thus criminals. They are shameless too. They never accepted their crime. Amir did confess, but only when it was too late and that too on the advice of his lawyer Now
Fickle Fans? – by Sindhyar Talpur: When Pakistan lost to India at Mohali, the initial reaction from Pakistan was that of sympathy. It was disappointing loss to arch-rivals, especially after all the hype created. But there was no such ill-will towards the whole team, minus few individuals
Cricket as a metaphor – by Irfan Husain: Another day, another scandal. Judging from the media coverage of the cricket betting sting first reported by the News of the World, it would appear that there are no floods devastating the country; that millions have not been displaced;