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FAQs on theories popularized by Pakistani media – by Zalaan:  عوام میں پھیلاے گئے چند مفروضات  اور ان کے مختصر جوابات  پاکستان میں جمہوریت چل نہیں سکتی  جواب : کیوں کیا پاکستان کوئی دنیا کا انوکھا ملک ہے ،انڈیا پاکستان سے پانچ گنا بڑا ہے جہاں غربت بھی ہے ،اور رنگ
This is not the 90’s: It seems the Pakistani politics and the powers in the background still rely on the proverbial “masala formula” followed by Bollywood and Lollywood movies. The “masala formula” of Pakistani politics involves two main political parties along with a few
Of conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists – by Abdul Majeed Abid:   Source: “Everyone is entitled to his own opinions; he is not entitled to his own facts.” Daniel Patrick Moynihan A Conspiracy theory can be defined as “collection of distorted or misrepresented facts presented to propagate a particular agenda”. Conspiracy
The Phantom of vanity -by Suleman Akhtar: "We have been counting the bodies soaked in blood and wrapped in vanity and strategic depth coffins for years and it’s mounting with each passing day. If we still don’t realize that peril haunting us nowhere but within then
Pakistan: Naval Base Attack- By Inam R Sehri: A fatal loss of men, capital and honour. Taliban militants assaulted the PNS Mehran base in Karachi, killing 10 people, injuring 15 others and blowing up at least two P-3C Orion, maritime patrol aircrafts. The attack reportedly started at
Isolationistan: Pakistani Parliament’s recent sovereignty-obsessed-resolution clearly illustrates power of the establishment in an important arena of domestic and foreign policy making. The resolution also manifests the unwillingness of our real decision makers to permit change in our military dominated, flawed
Right wing media and conspiracy of silence: “Control your ‘flight of imagination and avoid fabrication’. the smarter the journalists are, the better off society is.” Warren Buffett . Today, Pakistan is facing troubled times where people are dying of terrorism around the country. In a conflict
Reliable sources – by Gulmina Bilal Ahmad: It has been revealed through reliable sources that for the past five years the moon has come out in the day and the sun at night. In other words, for the past five years what we have been seeing
Ministers in Waiting: My goodness the names keep changing but the song remains the same. Minus-One Formula became Bangladesh Model which became Caretaker Government which became Midterm Elections which became Patriotic Generals which became French Revolution which has now become Technocrats. Why
US lawmakers express love and solidarity; is America a friend or foe of Pakistan?: The resolution supports the use of funds by Washington to help relief efforts and “urges the United States administration and the international community, including private citizens and foreign governments, to continue providing assistance” to Pakistan. President Asif Ali Zardari
Analysis of relief and donations related to Pakistan floods 2010 – by Anas Abbas: Donations and contributions so far: World Bank: popularly known as the Israeli sponsored conspiracy in Pakistan said it had set up an aid fund at Pakistan’s request with initial pledges of $80 million. United States of America: Remember (According
Let’s say: “Terror has no boundaries” – by Ali Arqam Durrani: It is such a tragedy that everybody is stuck up with ‘who’ questions regarding attacks on Data Darbar (due to denial and conspiracy theories) preventing all of us from discussing the more important ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions. Everyone is