Let’s say: “Terror has no boundaries” – by Ali Arqam Durrani

It is such a tragedy that everybody is stuck up with ‘who’ questions regarding attacks on Data Darbar (due to denial and conspiracy theories) preventing all of us from discussing the more important ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions.

Everyone is stunned with choice of the place chosen by the terrorists. It is matter of ideology, as they don’t have the state support to bulldoze (as their mentor Saudi Arabia had practiced in their land with the shrines) such places which they consider are centres of the activities prohibited as per their religious interpretation (i.e. polytheism or shirk).

While commenting on the question of who?, every political leader, even the interior minister has condemned the attack saying: “A Muslim cannot commit such a crime.”

Here arises a simple question: why a muslim cannot? Whether his religious ideology prevents him from doing so?

The answer is “No”.

How can a Muslim stop himself from sacrificing his life for a cause he thinks the most righteous one. Sacrificing life in our religion (shahadat) is the most admired and fascinating way to serve one’s religious cause, and this tendency can easily be exploited through emotional rhetoric.

The same act of bravery when committed by a Palestinian Muslim at a public place (e.g restaurant or bus in Israel) is admired as an act of bravery and sacrifice. The same courage when shown by an emotional youth in the Indian occupied Kashmir, marks the headlines, same in Afghanistan too. Then why the same muslim youth cannot be misguided to commit the same here.

Another rhetoric suggests that terror has no religion. One can partly agree but its not an answer to what we are facing here, as here all the atrocities are committed by those from our own religion against peoples of same religion but different sects such as Shias, Ahmedis etc, and against the people of other religions such as Christians, Sikhs or Hindus. Our problem is Islamic terrorism only. So leave this useless rhetoric.

But one thing we will never mention is to say that terror has no boundaries.

Again comes ‘Why?’

“Terrorism is the act of employing deliberate violance against the civilian population in order to obtain religious, political or ideological goals”

Whether it is committed by an individual, organization, institution or a state and nation.

It has no boundaries or restrictions as nowhere in the world is sacred in the eyes of a terrorist.



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