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Nasim Zehra’s resignation: Rind ke rind rahey hath se jannat na gai – by Danial Lakhnavi: Related post: Nasim Zehra’s resignation, a proper class act نیوز چینلز پر ٹاک شوز کی میزبانی کے لئے ٹی وی کیمرے کے سامنے بیٹھنے والے فن کاروں کو کئی طرح کے فرائض انجام دینے ہوتے ہیں، جیسے اٹھارہ کروڑ
Psych Ops: The Role of the Media in Taseer’s murder – by Abdul Basit: The following tweet by a Pakistan’s leading lawyer and rights champion provides the basis for understanding the dynamics of Pakistan and how the PPP has been and is at the wrong end of this trifecta.  @Asma_Jahangir: Pakistan kaa masala
On Ayesha Tammy Haq’s role before and after Salmaan Taseer’s murder – by Fawad Siddiqi: Disclaimer: This post represents the personal opinion of the author and must not be misconstrued as a policy statement of the LUBP. Related posts: Three musketeers and the “PPP abandoned Salmaan Taseer” narrative “Civil” Society must stop blaming the
The Kufi Shia sellouts of the military establishment – by Laibaah: Syed Mushahid Hussain, Nasim Zehra, Ejaz Haider, Mosharraf Zaidi, Syed Talat Hussain, Shireen Mazari, Meher Bokhari and Abbas brothers: Take a bow in front of your Yazid Masters! While the massacre of Shias in Pakistan continues unabated, these establishment apologists
How to identify (fake) liberal proxies of Pakistan army in mainstream and social media?: Preamble Commenting on the state of pro-establishment journalism in Pakistan, Ayesha Siddiqa once said: Today, we face a state of military hegemony: political, economic and intellectual control. Today, there is not a single university in Pakistan or a young
ISI-backed judiciary’s verdict in favour of 14 rapists – by Ali Sher Mussali: Chief Justice Iftakhar Chaudhry’s party, Supreme League of Pakistan (SLOP) has proved all rapists in Mukhtara’s case as honorable citizens and innocents. After six years, SLOP reached a consensus that suo moto against Punjab’s SLOP was a non-political decision
Mukhtaran Mai and the pro-rape judicial brigade – by Dilshad Chandio: Now I will appeal to Allah, says Mukhtaran Mai Source: The News, April 21, 2011 MULTAN: Mukhtaran Mai, a victim of gang rape, expressing her distress over the Supreme Court verdict said now she would take recourse to Allah’s
Ijaz-ul-Haq Bhutto and the Real PPP: Reflections of a Jiyala – by Maula Bux Thadani: Last week, Pakistan’s Fake Civil Society (FCS) who are actually the real PPP supporters, were using Ijaz-ul-Haq (son of Pakistan’s Islamofascist military dictator General Zia-ul-Haq) to diss Babar Awan. Many of them were  inflamed that Babar Awan was representing the Government
Reference for Shahbaz Bhatti, March 20, Karachi: Related articles: Peasants for Democracy Citizens for Democracy Invitation for a Reference for slain Federal Minister for Minority Affairs Shahbaz Bhatti, March 20th, 2011, 5.00 pm, Karachi Press Club. Please feel free to download, print out and distribute. Source:
Citizens of Hypocrisy: Blog Deleted by Express Tribune: Related articles: Peasants for Democracy A blog titled as “Citizens of hypocrisy, Can a petition save Pakistan” was published at Express Tribune site, the writer a University student wrote about the petition signing campaign of “Citizen for Democracy” aka
“I’ve been in a rickshaw”: Some critical reflections on the Karachi Literature Festival 2011: Related post: Comparing Karachi Literature Festival 2012 with Difa-e-Pakistan Conference Was the Karachi Literature Festival (KLF) a gathering of the urban elite and their middle class flatterers (aka Fake Civil Society) and their foreign donors to (mis)appropriate Pakistani culture
Peasants for Democracy (PFD): Related article: ‘Peasants for Democracy’ demand Aitzaz Ahsan to be a prosecutor in the Taseer murder case Cross-posted from Pakistan Blogzine It is a fact that voices of urban elite and urban middle class (known as Fake Civil Society
Public prosecutor in Taseer murder case and the CFD’s stance – by Barrister Waseem Ijaz: Related articles: LUBP Archive on Peasants for Democracy (PFD) LUBP Archive on Fake Civil Society (FCS) ‘Peasants for Democracy’ demand Aitzaz Ahsan to be a prosecutor in the Taseer murder case A newly found alliance of civil society individuals
Who is this elite? – by Ayesha Siddiqa: We are pleased to cross-post an excellent article by Dr Ayesha Siddiq on a topic of particular relevance to the LUBP’s policy and agenda. The LUBP represents aspirations and voices of moderate Pakistanis who are as weary of right-wing
‘Peasants for Democracy’ demand Aitzaz Ahsan to be a prosecutor in the Taseer murder case: Related articles: LUBP Archive on Peasants for Democracy (PFD) Public prosecutor in Taseer murder case and the stance of Urban Citizens for Democracy – by Barrister Waseem Ijaz Peasants for Democracy (PFD) is a non-partisan organisation of rural and
Scared of mullahs? Civil Society needs to ally with the PPP for survival – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: Related articles: Taseer’s murder and the call for a ‘broad-based alliance’ between PPP and the ‘civil society’ – by Ahmad Nadeem Gehla Some myths and realities about the self-labelled civil society – by Shahid Khan To say that we
Monitor the Juma prayer khutbas for hate speech: An excellent initiative: The LUBP has received the following statement via our friends on Facebook: “There is HOPE!!!! Altaf Hussain has instructed all MQM workers to monitor Juma prayers khutbas all over Karachi. If any cleric is guilty of inciting hatred and
Citizens for democracy; no to undemocratic and unconstitutional change: LAHORE, Oct 3: Participants at a South Asia Free Media Association (Safma) seminar expressed on Sunday their concerns at an all-sided institutional, financial and societal destabilisation in a terrorism-ridden country, and demanded all state institutions work within their constitutional
Citizens for Democracy: Intellectuals, Journalists, Civil Society representatves Speak out: Source: Daily Aajkal