Biased Reporting Archive

Chief Justice Sahab, why were you sleeping for 107 days?: Justice delayed is justice denied. On 30th March, 2012, the Supreme Court of Pakistan declared the Rental Power projects as illegal. A two-member bench comprising of the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and Justice Khilji Arif Hussain was hearing
Sadqay on Kamran Khan & Geo’s Innocence – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi:   Kamran Khan, Geo TV’s ace anchor having his show named after him, “Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Saath” is known for his end of times scenario build ups related to the PPP government’s demise. Starting from corruption stories to
Blasphemy law and the attitude of journalists and anchors – by John Bosco: I watched a programme on Asia Bibi and the amendments in Blasphemy Law on 30th November at News Beat and the programme host was Mehar Bukhari of Samaa TV. It is interesting to note that she has invited 2
Jang and The News’ published bias – a list of all reports and columns and angling between August 22, 2009 and August 30, 2010: In a research exercise, 14,534 news reports and columns that have been published in Jang and The News between August 22, 2009 and August 30, 2010 have been analyzed. The analysis is on the basis of the folloing heads:
Jang and The News get lion’s share of government advertising: Whenever the PPP government talks about the media bias of Jang, The News and Geo, there is a counter argument from the group that the government has clamped down on advertising for the group and that stopping advertisements is
Free, Independent and Responsible Media- by Farhad Jarral: Pakistani Media is now considered as fourth Pillar of State. Its fact that the media is now the power pillar of State but there should be some ethics for media to make discipline within this department. Let me talk