Jang and The News’ published bias – a list of all reports and columns and angling between August 22, 2009 and August 30, 2010

In a research exercise, 14,534 news reports and columns that have been published in Jang and The News between August 22, 2009 and August 30, 2010 have been analyzed. The analysis is on the basis of the folloing heads:

News Item Newspaper Caption Author Issue Angling
Column Jang 1-Balanced
Editorial The News 2- Implicating
News report 3 -Damning

Needless to say, 5,090 reports, columns and editorials have an angling rating of 3 which is 35% of the total. 6,912 have an angling rating of 2 which is 47.55%. The remaining 2,524 news items have a angling rating of 1. 8 News report have No angling rating.

Is this journalism? Our friend, Ansar Abbasi in his loose talk in Capital Talk on Friday, October 15, 2010 said “Dunya bhar mayn journalism good faith mayn hoti hay. Agar koi ghalat baat bhee ho to ussay good faith mayn chhap saktay hayn!” Wow Ansar. You are the best. In your shouting match with Nazir Naji on November 4 2009, in the same Capital Talk (available on Youtube), you had said “Mayn Islamist hoon, mazhabi rujhaan rakhta hoon!”. Does Islam teach you to lie and spread budgumani?

Jhootas in Chief

Shame on all the team of Jang, The News and Geo!!!!

The 560 pages plus report in PDF can be seen here. As the say “Such jaan kar Jeeo!”



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