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Baitullah Mehsud’s death, Rehman Malik and pro-Taliban journalists….: Question: Why is the pro-Taliban lobby of Pakistani jouranlists so much critical of Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik? Why are Ansar Abbasi, Shahid Masood, Irfan Siddiqi, Orya Mqbool Jan and other pro-Taliban journlaists (Dehshat Nigar) very sad for the
Beware the machinations of the establishment, Prime Minister Gilani.: What the devil…? By Kamran Shafi Tuesday, 28 Jul, 2009 (Dawn) As for Mr Gilani, whose heart seems to be in the right place, one day he says ‘enough is enough’ as if he were about to look President
The pro-Taliban terrorists of PML-N riot in Punjab…: Rioting against loadshedding The country experienced widespread rioting against loadshedding on Tuesday, led by Punjab where mobs with urchins in front broke everything in sight.
Asadullah Ghalib and Farhat Taj: In support of the jawans and officers of Pakistan Armed Forces fighting the Taliban terrorists…: Swat – a report from the frontline
Pakistani Police: Cannon fodder in Pakistan army’s ambivalent war with its own creation: Police work to help their fallen colleagues, victims of a suicide bombing, as others watch outside a
In the aftermath of the Long March "revolution" in Pakistan: By Asadullah Ghalib
General Mullen, the real hero of the Long March in Pakistan:
Asadullah Ghalib: Loneliness of Asif Zardari: By Asadullah Ghalib
Who will lead a Long March against horse trading in Punjab?: An interesting op-ed by Asadullah Ghalib in which he appeals to the people of Punjab to start a Long March against the politics of horse trading in Punjab. If Nawaz Sharif is a man of principles, he must not
Long March, Deal and Topi Drama? – by Asadullah Ghalib: External intervention by the US and the UK: The officials said Clinton coordinated with British Foreign Secretary David Miliband to exert strong pressure for a deal. Clinton told reporters Monday that the decision to reinstate Chaudhry was a first
In support of President Zardari: First they said, “we will accept Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) minus Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto” Then they said, “Benazir Bhutto is a security risk; we will accept PPP minus Benazir Bhutto.” Now, they say, “PPP is a good party minus
Anti-Taliban journalists of Pakistani media are true Pakistanis and true Muslims – by Rahim Anjan: Well done, Abbas Ather, Asadullah Ghalib, Tanvir Qaiser Shahid, Sohail Qalandar, Ayaz Khan, Latif Chaudhry, The Express Team and also Mr. Rahim Anjaan. The entire Pakistani nation is proud of you because of your unconditional condemnation of the Taliban
Gilani versus Zardari? "Sadar Zardari ko riha karo".: An open letter to Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani – by Asadullah Ghalib
"Friends" of democracy in Pakistan and the "well-wishers" of PPP – Asadullah Ghalib: Ghulma Mustafa Khar, Mumtaz Bhutto, Asghar Khan and the Zardari phobia
Jihad by the State vs Fasad by the non-State Actors: Asadullah Ghalib offers an authoritative account of the real jihad versus the fasad (mischief) created by the non-state jihadi and sectarian organisations.
Journalists of Pakistan – An Analysis: Asadullah Ghalib
Imran Khan returns Hilal-e-Pakistan – an analysis by Asadullah Ghalib: Imran Khan returned the Official Award. Why?
The 17th amendment: a perspective – By Asadullah Ghalib: What’s wrong with the 17th amendment?
The newly born well-wishers of the PPP – by Khurshid Nadeem and Asadullah Ghalib: Here are two articles on this topic:
Bhutto family and Pakistan – by Asadullah Ghalib: By Asadullah Ghalib
Benefits of Pakistan-India frienship. Nawaz Sharif must support Zardari’s friendly approach to India. By Asadullah Ghalib:
Between the devil (the USA) and the deep sea (Al-Qaeda and Taliban). The dilemma of Pakistani Muslims….By Abbas Ather, Asadullah Ghalib:
Major relief to people in the shape of reduction in oil prices and also in load-shedding….: While we are keen to criticize Zardari and PPP on what we consider their failings, we must also appreciate any positive steps taken by the government. POL prices substantially reduced in Pakistan. Sunday, November 16, 2008 (The News)Petrol price
An analysis of drone / missile attacks on Al-Qaeda and Taliban hideouts in Pakistan’s tribal areas. March-Nov 2008… Dawn, BBC, Daily Times Reports: 1. The majority of the USA drone attacks on Pakistan’s tribal areas are quite precise in hitting their targets, i.e. Uzbek, Arab, and other foreign and local militant training / operation centers in Pakistan’s tribal areas. (Read the news
Well done, Rehman Malik, for successful anti-terrorism operation in Swat, FATA and now against financial terrorists… By Asadullah Ghalib: Well done, Rehman Malik. We know most Taliban supporters are against you because of your successful planning of political negotiations as well as anti-terrorist operations in Swat, FATA and other parts of the country. We know that most anti-Pakistan
Friends of Taliban, Dehshat Nigar, Zardari Phobia and Pakistani media – by Asadullah Ghalib:
Bhutto Haters must learn some lessons from Maldives… Respect deomcracy…Asadullah Ghalib:
Well done General Kayani, Shame on you RAW Totay (anti-Army and pro-Taliban parrots of media and politics): (Asadullah Ghalib)
‘RAW’ Totay: The supporters of Sipah-e-Sahaba & Taliban remember Lal Masjid and shed crocodile tears: In this op-ed, Asadullah Ghalib spanks “RAW Totay” (conspiracy theorists such as Javed Chaudhry, Hamid Mir, Kashif Abbasi, Ansar Abbasi, Orya Maqbool Jan, Irfan Siddiqi): The conspiracy theory parrots. Shame on the supporters of extremist of Lal Masjid, Sipah-e-Sahaba
Friends of Taliban are responsible for Pakistan’s economic crisis: The blood thirsty beasts of the conservative parties in Pakistan, namely: Jamaat Islami, Imran Khan, Hamid Gul, and other agents of ISI and Taliban… By Asadullah Ghalib
Intellectual terrorists (Dehshat Nigar) – This column criticises the supporters of Taliban & Sipah-e-Sahaba e.g. Ansar Abbasi, Mushtaq Minhas etc: Dehshat Gard and Dehshat Nigar By Asadullah Ghalib (Express) Perhaps, this column is also a criticism on Aftab Iqbal for his unwarranted anti-India
Friends of Democratic Pakistan – hosted by Pakistan, UK and USA…:
Zardari is no Musharraf – By Asadullah Ghalib:
A slap on the face of war maniac columnists such as Aftab Iqbal, Hamid Mir and Irfan Siddiqi – By Asadullah Ghalib:
How to clean up the bloody mess – Asadullah Ghalib:
Disinformation cell part 2 – the paid agenst of ISI-Mullah alliance working against democracy in Pakistan:
My choice today: Wed 21 May 2008 – Reconciliation is the only way forward: Welcome to Let Us Build Pakistan. I have decided to post a daily selection of columns and also offer some comments on topics which are relatively ignored or misunderstood/misrepresented in the mainstream media. Today I am cross-posting two articles,