Well done, Rehman Malik, for successful anti-terrorism operation in Swat, FATA and now against financial terrorists… By Asadullah Ghalib

Well done, Rehman Malik. We know most Taliban supporters are against you because of your successful planning of political negotiations as well as anti-terrorist operations in Swat, FATA and other parts of the country. We know that most anti-Pakistan elements are unhappy with you because you have decided to fight terrorists of Taliaban, Al-Qaeda and other jihadi/sectarian terrorist to the last moment of your life. You are a true son of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. You are a true solider of a courageous leader, Benazir Bhutto. We salute you, Rehman Malik.


FIA uncovers politicians’ involvement in forex scam

LAHORE: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officials claim to have uncovered the involvement of senior bureaucrats and politicians in the Khanani and Kalia foreign currency scandal, a private TV channel reported on Wednesday.

The channel quoted FIA sources as saying that during investigation, Javed Khanani and Munaf Kalia had offered to bring down the price of US dollar between Rs 72 and Rs 74 if they were let off the hook.

A senior FIA official, who is part of the investigation team, told the channel on condition of anonymity that billions of rupees could return to Pakistan in a very short time if the main culprits in the case were not released and the investigation continued without any pressure.

Meanwhile, another private TV channel reported that Khanani and Kalia revealed that 11 people transferred dollars worth Rs 38 billion abroad in the last one month alone.

The FIA also found documentary proof of illegal transactions of foreign exchange from abroad, according to an Aaj Kal report. Instead of bringing forex earned through the hundi business into Pakistan, it was used for making payments abroad. daily times monitor/aaj kal report (Daily Times)