My choice today: Wed 21 May 2008 – Reconciliation is the only way forward

Welcome to Let Us Build Pakistan. I have decided to post a daily selection of columns and also offer some comments on topics which are relatively ignored or misunderstood/misrepresented in the mainstream media.

Today I am cross-posting two articles, first one is by Nazir Naji and the other by Asadullah Ghalib. Both columnists write on the PPP – PML-N confrontation in the Punjab province and advise both political parties to exercise tolerance and reconciliation to foil the plans of anti-democracy forces.

Nazir Naji’s column:

PPP and PML-N Confrontation in Punjab

Asadullah Ghailb’s column on Salman Taseer in Daily Express, 21 May 2008.

It is important that critically aware Pakistanis should step forward to condemn dangerous and dirty propaganda against Salmaan Taseer and his family by the pro-Taliban right-wing agents of Nawaz Sharif, Qazi Hussain Ahmed and Imran Khan’s PTI in Pakistani blogs and mainstream media. Those who are circulating private pictures of Taseer family to prove them as anti-Islam or anti-Pakistan are doing a service  neither to Islam nor Pakistan.

Here are some comments by a few conscientious Pakistanis on various Pakistani websites (pkpolitics, friendskorner etc) who are voicing concern over an organized campaign against Taseer not only in mainstream media but also in social media (pkpolitics, teeth maestro etc):

Dara Says:
November 19th, 2008

We are as nation spine less , brainless and powerless. We have been looted and murdered four or may be five times bu military generals and we couldn’t do anything (generals had worse life styles compare to Salman taseer).

We have lost four wars and half of the country and still celebrate 6th September. We have been fooled in the name of Islam by one Munafiq e azam four 11 years.
To people who are calling Indian “Kunjars”, recently “Kunjars ” had a debate in there cabinet to give Pakistan some Aid (5 billion reported in media) so that we mustn’t be selling our nuclear assets.

Those “Kunjars” landed on moon one week back and what a achievement for us to steel and up load Pictures of some one daughters on internet, congratulations perfect Muslims Pakistanies, you must be proud of yourselves, really Salman Taseer’s Family life is the biggest issue of this melting country….

Ghost Of TK Says:
November 14th, 2008

Since when these Amreeka’s piThoo, right winger reactionaries, the destroyers of Pakistan, the hitmen of kissinger, unwitting accomplices of the zionists, ie; the MULLAH’S … have become the “keepers” of the lawyer’s movement?

I would request to publish the names of the featured article writers because it would certainly be interesting to see who actually wrote this thing … thanks.

P.S. Good on the Sargodha University students. I think we can do without right wing religious nutbag (loaded) rants. The lawyer’s movement doesn’t need bearded rats who have betrayed Pakistan and the Islamic ideals to now rape the LMFJ.

makhalil Says:
November 14th, 2008

can some one point out what is Salman taseer’s anti-Pakistan campaign?

and regarding the word used “whiskey Ridden” i specially protest that how can this report be independent when their are attacking on someones personal attributes.

Just beacuse he is liberal, secular not a religious, muslim league, Rai wind going Governor of Punjab.

I think he has been victimised by the right wing {zia Ul Haqqeee} ruminants in media and politics for being a upright, leftist, secular and PPP governor of Punjab.

Some quoted the reference from Jassarat newspaper which is run by Jammat-e-Islami.

and i dnt need to say anything about the character of Jammat

they said the same things about ZA Bhutto and history has prove them wrong.
They said the same things about Benazir Bhutto and history has proven them wrong.

when we have no argument to back ourselves then we start attacking some ones personal life , their family life, their family members.

did salman taseers daughter killed any innocent or has been involved indirectly.

do they propagate hatred against people.

do they ‘force’ others to do things. what they think is right.

gditpp Says:
November 14th, 2008

In all fairness can the author of this post share with us the “anti-Pakistan statements and activities of, Salman Taseer”, and by the way who is in fact the author. Most propoganda in newspapers is done by baynamay yellow journalists.

that’s what the right wing people did with
Jinnah sahab

grow up man.
grow up

and in their eyes the most pious women in Pakistan are

2-Dr Afia Siddiue
3-Amina Jajua

they are all Maulvi Sarwer {who killed Zil Huma saying that he killed her because she doesn’t observe purdah}

makhalil Says:
November 14th, 2008

If Joyala means not to agree with the following
3-Ghazi Rashid
4-Hamed Gul
5-Jammat Islami
6-Al Qaeda
7-Tablighi Jammat

Then i don’t have problem what ever you Label me.