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Full text of the 18th Amendment Bill: The National Assembly of Pakistan has now made public the full text of the 18th Amendment Bill, which is currently under review in the parliament. We are uploading a PDF version of the full text on LUBP for the
18th Amendment, Na Manzoor: From Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa to Karachi, from Lahore to Gilgit-Baltistan and from Larkana to Queta, the entire nation is celebrating the parliamentary consensus on the proposed 18th amendment in Pakistan’s constitution. Constitutional experts and parliamentarians belonging to diverse ethnic and
Thank you, Senator Raza Rabbani – by Farhad Jarral: A great job has been done by Senator Raza Rabbani, head of the Parliamentary Committee for Constitutional Reforms. Well done, representatives of all political parties. This is the fruit which the nation was eagerly looking forward to for the
Nawaz Sharif Backtracked – by Sajid Ali: The Constitution Reform Committee worked for about 9 months at 18th amendment for repealing 17th amendment. The Committee consisted of senior parliamentarian of all parties, treasury as well as opposition. All nation put their eyes at the 24th of
Celebrating Nationhood and Constitutionalism – by Farahnaz Ispahani: Originally Published at THE NEWS The emergence of Pakistan as the homeland of South Asia’s Muslims, with their unique identity as a nation, was an unparalleled event in the twentieth century. The adoption of the Pakistan resolution at the
The Rightist Judicio-Politico Mafia – by Anas Muhammad:   Saturday February 13 – The Chief Justice of Pakistan defied Presidential orders through a suo moto action against the Presidential notification for appointment of certain judges. Chief Justice, in a rare nightly emergency session, formed a three members
Why is President Zardari sticking to the 17th amendment? Analysis by Cyril Almeida: A circus with a purpose By Cyril Almeida Friday, 04 Sep, 2009 ‘Zardari’s woes actually began when he became president. It was a clever move tactically, but flawed strategically.’ – (File Photo) IF you had any doubt before, you
No comments: PML-N softens stance on 17th Amendment: PML-N softens stance on 17th Amendment * Backs off from de-linking 17th Amend from package * Committee convinces PML-N on amendments to ‘contentious issues’ only By Irfan Ghauri ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) – which was earlier insisting