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I am an Ahmadi: The following provocative piece was written by Wajahat S. Khan, of TalkBack fame. The question of whether or not Wajahat is actually an Ahmedi is irrelevant. If we say Mr. Khan is not that would simply dilute the strength of this piece. I am an Ahmadi. There
Masses erupt against power cuts in Rawlakot – Marxists lead them: The following is a report written by comrade Yasir Irshad of The Struggle a Marxist group oriented towards the working class. The Struggle, the Pakistani section of the International Marxist Tendency, demands that the Peoples’ Party as the party of
Intelligence Dumps Zaid Hamid?: Cross-posted from Khawer Khan’s blog. Zaid Hamid’s meteoric rise and recent fall has been analyzed by a number of commentators. One aspect of his story that has been missing is Zaid Hamid’s connections to the Pakistani intelligence community. In
Crisis in Medical Sector and Health Care – by Dr Ahmad Arslan: The following article was published on on January 11th 2010. Pakistan: Crisis in Medical Sector and Health Care Written by Dr Ahmad Arslan The battle for universal health access for every Pakistani can only be won through joining
Zardari Visit Threatens Workers Strike in PC Karachi: It now appears that the visit of President Zardari to Karachi is treathening to break the strike of PC Hotel workers. According to Riaz Ahmed, an academic that has been monitoring the strike, the following has occured: “PC workers
Hotel Workers Occupation in Karachi being Blacked Out by Media Gurus! Is this press freedom? – By Riaz Ahmed: It has been 9 days that over 150 workers at Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi are protesting against the sacking of 4 union and over 98 other workers. In protest they have occupied the basement of the 5-star hotel for
150 Workers Occupy Karachi PC Hotel: The following first appeared as on Riaz Ahmed‘s Facebook. Strike: 150 Workers Occupy Karachi PC Hotel Over 150 workers of -star Karachi hotel Pearl Continental have occupied the basement for the last 8 days. About 50 workers have set up
Zaid Hamid admits links to Yousef Ali: The following is cross-posted from Khawer Khan’s blog. These videos have recently come to light. In them Zaid Hamid admits his links to Yousef Ali (disparagingly called Yousef Kazzab by opponents). Zaid Hamid had always denied any links to
JAP lashes out at PML-N leadership over terror links: Jaffaria Alliance Pakistan (JAP) has lashed out the PML-N leadership over their allegedly links with the banned terrorist outfit Sipah-e-Sahaba,which was involved in the killings of thousands of inncoent Shia’s in Pakistan and having the links with outalwed Al-Qaeeda
Survey: PPP Agenda: What should be the Peoples’ Party Agenda? (polls)
Maulana Azad and Partition: Update: Correction: The following article is considered to be fake, hence readers are advised to post no further comments on a fake article. We have decided not to delete this post in order to preserve the comments in this