Zardari Visit Threatens Workers Strike in PC Karachi

It now appears that the visit of President Zardari to Karachi is treathening to break the strike of PC Hotel workers.

According to Riaz Ahmed, an academic that has been monitoring the strike, the following has occured:

PC workers camp visited by Pakistan Peoples Party Karachi chieftains Najmi Alam and Usman Ghani (also chief of over 120 day protest camping Muslim Commercial Bank sacked workers) at about 10pm PST on March 04.

The police are threatening to remove the camped workers outside PC hotel sometime tommorow on the pretext that President Zardari is visiting Karachi and may pass through the intersection where the protesters are camping.

The PPP Karachi supremos are reportedly negotiating with the PC Hotel management that the occupiers will not be harmed once the outside camp is removed for 2-days!”

It is tragic that the President of Pakistan, who is also the co-chair of the Peoples Party which originally sought to create a socialist society, is so insensitive to workers struggle.

The President ought to consider an alternative route. The PPP government should lend all possible support to the workers strike. But instead, we see the opposite happening. The mere presence of the President Zardari is being used to break up the protest.



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