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#ShiaGenocide: Death threats to Shia Muslims in Lahore by ASWJ Deobandi terrorists – Express Tribune: LAHORE: After ASWJ-LeJ’s Takfiri terrorists’ attacks against Shia Muslims in Karachi and Balochistan, the Shia community in Lahore is getting threats, The Express Tribune has learnt. Hand-written pamphlets carrying derogatory remarks against the community and its leaders and threats
The Mohali heart-breaker – by Bahadar Ali Khan: For Pakistani nation the moments of happiness have become a rarity in recent times. And in desperation they try to squeeze joy out of any minor/major event that comes across their way. The latest was the Cricket World Cup
Enjoy the match guys – by Bahadar Ali Khan: March 30th, the day when sub-continent is scheduled to stand still on the eve of the clash of Cricket Titans e.g.; India and Pakistan. Naturally the emotions of Cricket fans across the divide are spouting to the new highs.
Mumtaz Qadri, A Hero? – by Bahadar Ali Khan: It is hard to find a dull moment on the horizons of Pakistan and especially when a civilian government is in place. But the recent developments in the aftermath and leading to the murder of Governor Punjab Salman Taseer
Horrible devastation, Please donate now!: Instead of writing a detailed article, please accept this as a humble plea. Please open your hearts, as things are really bad in Pakistan. Now the estimated figure is that 4 crore (40 million) people have been affected and displaced
Unprecedented Floods and Donor Fatigue -by Bahadar Ali Khan: Yesterday seven people were killed only by snake biting in the flood ravaged areas of Pakistan. The deadly Python are increasing the sufferings of the flood victims in the Southern Punjab and now Sind.  While entire transportation infrastructure in
David Cameron: manners please! -by Bahadar Ali Khan: The British Prime Minister David Cameroon, choose the wrong audience, wrong time and wrong proof to castigate Pakistan in later’s efforts against terrorists and terrorism. Mr. Cameron may have been over charged by the prospects of leveraging its position
India-Pakistan Grow Up, Please! -by Bahadar Ali Khan: The stalemate persisted during and after the fresh round of talks between foreign ministers of India and Pakistan in Islamabad. From cordial to hawkish overtures by Pakistani foreign minister didn’t help the matters either. Even during the wars, foreign
Selective Mourning – by Bahadar Ali Khan: Victims of apathy, can be the only name given to the current situation of circumstances that have plagued current day Pakistani masses. A highly condemnable and tragic bombing of Data Sb. shrine has jolted the entire Pakistani public. Data
Jang Group refutes Shaheen Sehbai’s analysis – On the way out?:   It seems that after Shahid Masood, the fate of Shaheen Sehbai has also been sealed at Jang group of newspapers.  In today’s Jang newspaper, a detailed rebuttal for Shaheen Sehbai’s June 12th analysis is published. Mr Sehbai leveled
Free Market Economy. Thud! – by Bahadar Ali Khan: Relax, I am not going to write an obituary of Free Market Economy, at least not for now. It is also not about stock market crashes. Because these crashes are like fore-shocks that precede a big earthquake. But this
Terrorists attack Lahore’s Jinnah Hospital: It must be CIA, Mossad, RAW, Black Water, Khad, anyone but our dear Taliban: At least twelve people have been killed and 10 injured as suspected militants launched a brazen attack on Jinnah Hospital in Lahore late Monday night. Terrorists entered hospital premises in camouflage of police uniform. Five of the dead are
Humanity at Loss in Pakistan: My condolences to the Ahmedia sect. I want to tell them that Pakistan is full of savages. These savages are indoctrinated, they cannot be argued or be reasoned with. They don’t know why they are doing it, but they
The Facebook Heat – by Bahadar Ali Khan: Back in 1984, General Zia-ul-Haq conducted a referendum to legitimize his rule. The referendum was based on one question: “Do you want to continue the process of Islamization in Pakistan ?”, and the polity was given choices to tick
RSVP: Sania weds Shoaib – by Bahadar Ali Khan: The entire Pakistani public pervaded into a jubilation and, apparently, in a triumphant phase after Shoaib betrothed with Sania Mirza. Personally, I would like to offer my blessings for the couple. However, ( here goes the cynicism, again )
My Lord, Why NRO only? – Kamran Shafi: We are told that Ziaul Haq, yes the very same Ziaul Haq at whose door the responsibility of unleashing the demons responsible for most of our present travails can and should be placed, is to be excised from the
The Little Girl Goes to Meena Bazaar – by Bahadar Ali Khan: You were happy, joyful when your mummy decided to take you to the market. It felt so surreal as you imagined about the that small doll in a shop with blue eyes and blonde hair enticed you last time.
Medium Double Double – by Bahadar Ali Khan: Canada with its family immigration policies turns out to be a rather unique and interesting country in the world. Geographically it occupies the second largest land mass in the world after Russia. Due to severe winters and arctic weather
Asif Zardari, Establishment and the Supreme Court : by Bahadar Ali Khan: To my recallable memory collections, I can never fetch a single incident when somebody actually took pictures of the page from guest book placed at Father of the Nation’s mausoleum, except one page remarked and signed by Asif Ali
Dekhna hai zor kitna bazoo-i-qatil main hai: The killing spree in Pakistan is on and thriving. This time target was Ashura procession in Karachi. O Jihadi, kill … kill more..never leave a living soul in
Terrorism vs Talk on the Street – by Bahadar Ali Khan: “Did you hear that?” “What?” “40 people have been murdered today in Rawalpindi at a time when they were offering Jumma prayers, including senior ranking military official and 16 children” “Oh yeah. I Know that” “Who can do such
September 11, A Tragedy of Our Times – By Bahadar Ali Khan: Can we dig Zia out and let him see what he had done to Pakistan, a beautiful country? It has been seven years since the sad day that dawned upon the skies of the New York City. It was