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Blasphemy law must be repealed —by Mashal Sahir: The way the blasphemy law operates in our country is an insult to humanity, where people are free to kill others in order to settle personal scores or simply to prove their superiority by using their ‘religious obligations’ to
Karachi Turns Deadly Amid Pakistan’s Rivalries – by Jane Perlez: KARACHI, Pakistan — This chaotic city of 18 million people on the shores of the Arabian Sea has never shrunk from violence. But this year, Karachi has outdone even itself. Drive-by shootings motivated by political and ethnic rivalries have
‘Karachi card’ to backstab democracy – by Ali Arqam: Karachi, the economic hub of the country, depicts the complex social, political and economic problems afflicting Pakistan. The failure of the state to accommodate its ethnicities and diverse cultures in a national narrative, has logically resulted in rising political