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Banning Mathira Josh condom ad: cringe worthy – by Maheen Usmani: While the Mathira Josh condom ad was undoubtedly cringe worthy on many levels, was there really any need for dormant PEMRA to ban it? Why not take it as comic relief for these stressful times? Sadly women are often
Viewpoint: Media access and freedom of expression in Pakistan – by Dr. Qiaser Abbas: Weekly viewpointonline in his 18th issue has focused on Media in Pakistan. In a series of very isnightful articles they have highlighted various aspects of Pakistani media, their corporate goals, representing state narratives, the self complimentary, self appreciative style, 
Analogy between violence and media popularity – By Hassan Shehzad: Life will, can never be normal after relay of the footage of two underage brothers beaten to death in Sialkot. Embedded deep in stonewalls of the newsroom over years, I could not break myself from the objectivity, but the
Free limits – By Nadeem F. Paracha: What on earth is ‘freedom of speech?’ This question has been raised on various TV channels, in the newspapers and on internet forums in Pakistan after some channels were sent spinning off the air, allegedly by ‘hooligans’ on the