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Hidayat TV talkshow on Shia Genocide in Pakistan: By Ale Natiq – alexpressed I was invited to speak on a special talkshow on Hidayat TV focused on Shia Genocide in Pakistan hosted by Tehsin Haider. Hidayat TV is a Birmingham based satellite TV channel. Others who spoke
Distinguishing Imran from his heroes – By Ayesha Ijaz Khan: Imran Khan is a frequent guest on talk shows, yet I am not sure whether the regular appearances on TV are helping his cause. His understanding of history and politics appears muddled and although Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf fans are unmoved
Our morning talk shows: road to voodoo – by Abbas Zaidi: For the past few weeks I have been watching different morning talk shows. Two days ago, I happened to watch one such show. The guest was a self-described mind sciences expert who has a PhD in mind sciences. Given
Jamshed Dasti’s election campaign and Jang Group’s concerns – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: Seeing Kamran Khan’s program of May 11, 2010 and Jang of May 12, 2010, one can see a clear bias in the wordings of headlines as well as reporting. The news items are titled as: “Jaali degree par mustaafi
Political talk shows in Pakistan and the honourable lies – by Nadeem F. Paracha: Honourable lies “In the wake of Pakistan’s more aggressive involvement in the US-run ‘war on terror’, the narrative began being tampered with by talk show ‘guests’ — mainly from the Jamat-i-Islami, certain retired generals who still seem nostalgically stuck
Media wars in Pakistan — by Shahzad Chaudhry: Along with projecting oneself as a peacenik, bashing the military is the easiest route to establishing the credentials of intellectual elitism in the overly expressive socio-political environment of Pakistan An electronic media explosion in this country has thrust open
The creation of ignorance and hate speech by Pakistani media – by Kamila Hayat: The creation of ignorance There can be no doubt that the past seven years, since private media channels went on air in late 2002, have created a kind of revolution in the country. Never before in the history of
TV talk shows: good, bad or just inane — by Dr Syed Mansoor Hussain: Being a strong supporter of freedom of the media I believe that every television channel and all the hosts have the right to say whatever they wish as long as it is within accepted societal norms of decency Every
Some rambling thoughts on Dr Shahid Masood’s hair transplant and Meray Mutabiq – by Kaleem Butt: If one is asked to name one media personality hosting a TV show whose presentations now a days are totally lacking in objectivity, fairness, sense of proportion and balance, one name pops up and that is Dr Shahid Masood.