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Lawyers’ strike against Iftikhar Chaudhry’s statistical juggling (National Judicial Policy): Mumtaz Mustafa, Chairman Punjab Bar Council, while talking to reporter of Daily Pakistan newspaper said that Bar Councils of Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtoonkhua are with us to strike against National Judicial Policy on today 15th May 2010. He
Hotel Workers Occupation in Karachi being Blacked Out by Media Gurus! Is this press freedom? – By Riaz Ahmed: It has been 9 days that over 150 workers at Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi are protesting against the sacking of 4 union and over 98 other workers. In protest they have occupied the basement of the 5-star hotel for
150 Workers Occupy Karachi PC Hotel: The following first appeared as on┬áRiaz Ahmed‘s Facebook. Strike: 150 Workers Occupy Karachi PC Hotel Over 150 workers of -star Karachi hotel Pearl Continental have occupied the basement for the last 8 days. About 50 workers have set up
Terrorism by rogue lawyers in Lahore: Thousands of innocent citizens suffer: LBA: be kind to citizens The Lahore Bar Association (LBA) on Tuesday locked down the entire lower courts in Lahore, causing a lot of harassment to the litigant citizens. This was following the Black Day on Monday when the