Terrorism by rogue lawyers in Lahore: Thousands of innocent citizens suffer

LBA: be kind to citizens

The Lahore Bar Association (LBA) on Tuesday locked down the entire lower courts in Lahore, causing a lot of harassment to the litigant citizens. This was following the Black Day on Monday when the entire legal system of the country was more or less shut down. On Thursday (today), the weekly protest by the lawyers is expected to cause more disruption.

Efforts to shut down the High Court have not borne fruit, which may unfortunately fire the powerful lawyers to use more coercion. But our appeal to the powerful lawyers is to take pity on the citizens who actually support them. The provincial government is on their side, which should persuade them to behave with grace and mercy. By any yardstick of justice, punishment cannot be “indirect”, that is, the government in Islamabad cannot be chastised through the pain suffered by innocent citizens of Punjab. The lawyers’ movement can ill afford an erosion of popular support at this stage. (Daily Times)