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مذہب ، ریاست اور معاشرہ – از وسیم الطاف: موجودہ دور کے تمام ترقی یافتہ ممالک کا نظام سیکولر جمہوریت پہ قائم ہے -ریاست نہ تو مسیحی ہے نہ ہندواور نہ یہودی بلکہ یہ سب کے لیے ہے اور مذہب کا ریاستی امور میں کوئی عمل دخل نہیں
Socrates of our time – by Suleman Akhtar: "Hundreds of thousands common men have been slaughtered at this embellished altar of oligarchic state policy and still being annihilated. They are Socrates of our time who have no idea if state policy descends from sky or germinates from
The conflict within – by Eqbal Ahmad: Once religion becomes a hard political currency it has to be deployed in the political arena by means fair and foul. Those aspirants in politics who lack other political capital - large land holdings , modern education, industry, family
Floods’ management: A perfect script for a black comedy: Raza Rumi As I write these lines, millions are stranded and vulnerable to disease in the wake of perhaps the greatest natural disaster of recent times. Communities in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa are stranded, Sindh is facing the wrath of gods and
In Support of BBC: Lift the Ban Immediately: BBC ‘concern’ over Urdu FM news ban in Pakistan The BBC World Service has expressed concern that 24 out of its 34 FM partner stations in Pakistan have been told to halt BBC Urdu news broadcasts. The decision was