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Justice for all, please -by Ali Aftab Saeed: For the attention of our revered judges, with utmost respect It seems the infamous memo had indeed threatened to tear down the very security of this country; I wonder why our enemies never figured out this way of neutralising
Pakistan’s security thinking -by Professor Ijaz Khan: Security is a concept that changes with the times, responding to systemic changes in human governance, priorities, technology, economy as well as sociology. The most important question is what you want to secure. A related question is defining the
Playing the bogus card of ‘sovereignty’ —by M Husain Sadar: The Saudis as well as their Gulf Arab cousins are arming the Taliban. This influx of foreign money and religious ideology is causing irreparable damage to the national identity and integrity as well as the centuries old cultural heritage
The Phantom of vanity -by Suleman Akhtar: "We have been counting the bodies soaked in blood and wrapped in vanity and strategic depth coffins for years and it’s mounting with each passing day. If we still don’t realize that peril haunting us nowhere but within then
Hassan Nisar’s article on ‘Izzat Ghairat Hamiyat’: The dilemma we are facing is that we are arrogantly ignoring present realities by assuming that our past was so beautiful, our nation is one the of the most special and unique in the world and the whole world
Basic structure myth – By Yasser Latif Hamdani: Thank heavens the apex court in our country has shied away from answering the question of basic structure and binding, as it were, the dreams and aspirations of the future generations of this great state of ours to what