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Whom are you fooling Nawaz Sharif? – by Shah Hussain Lahori: The cat is out of the bag. Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif and his associates attacked the Supreme Court in 1997 and this time they attacked judicial conventions for the second time. The great Quaid of Punjab’s largest party, Sharif,
Memogate: This is not a new game the establishment is playing – by Shah Hussain Lahori: Husain Haqqani is not an ordinary diplomat. He is the finest of intellects Pakistan has produced. Despite his penchant for changing political loyalties, it is a fact that he remained loyal to the Pakistan People’s Party and its leadership
Cliched criticism of the PPP government – by Shah Hussain Lahori: In my recent interactions with fellow bloggers and other civil society activists, both the homogeneity and staleness of their criticism against the current government raised cause for concern. Their clich├ęd view of both the situation and the way forward
Adil Najam presents the Pasha Theory to confront the Raisani Theory – by Shah Hussain Lahori: SHAME: A leading (LEADING) FCS (fake civil society) blog which never posted a single piece condemning Baloch genocide by Pakistan army and its proxies has written an article objecting on the size of Balochistan cabinet The FCS blog is