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An interesting dialogue between an educated Jihadi Pakistani and an educated ordinary Pakistani…: Ghost of TK: Says:December 6th, 2008 at 10:40 pmcomment-top Islamic Crazies! The goose that lays a strategic golden egg unwittingly for its imperial masters every few decades! When will our youngsters realize that they need to educate themselves and
The media-mujahideen’s campaigan against PPP and ANP: The ‘image’ and the ‘reality’ A suicide bomber blew himself up at the exit gate of a packed Qayyum Stadium in Peshawar on Tuesday, killing four people and wounding 13. The occasion was the conclusion of the Third Inter-Provincial
Being secular and a Muslim – By Aneela Babar: By Aneela Babar IF Pakistan had an annual Eid address to the nation, much like the Queen’s Christmas address, the president would not have been amiss in quoting her in referring to the past year as Pakistan’s annus horribilis.
Was Jinnah a Secularist? – by Amir Mir: Perhaps the most contentious issue in Pakistan since its very inception in 1947 is the nature of the state. Should Pakistan be a sharia based Islamic state or should she be a Modern democratic secular state? The