An interesting dialogue between an educated Jihadi Pakistani and an educated ordinary Pakistani…

Ghost of TK:

December 6th, 2008 at 10:40 pm

Islamic Crazies! The goose that lays a strategic golden egg unwittingly for its imperial masters every few decades!

When will our youngsters realize that they need to educate themselves and stay away from the crazy freaks be they Al-GayDuh, Jamat Islami, and all these FAGGOT lashkars whose only purpose is to serve the interests of the Zionists and the Imperial Powers.

The biggest enemies of Islam today are the so-called Jihadi’s. They are being used to Dismantle the Islamic world piece by piece. Because if the Islamic world surives and educates itslef and doesn’t become Somalia, they will be a power within 50 years.

THAT is why the west nurtures these Islamic Crazies so that they can use their excesses as an excuse to attack and pulverize Islamic nations.



Traffic Says:
December 7th, 2008 at 12:51 am

@ Gjost of TK

“THAT is why the west nurtures these Islamic Crazies so that they can use their excesses as an excuse to attack and pulverize Islamic nations.”

Right so the West would be very happy with us if we didnt have “Jihadis” among us. I am sure you believe Bush’s lies about WMDs and Al-Qaeda in Iraq as well. why did the USA invade Iraq when it had an “enlightened moderate” and “secular” leader like Saddam Hussain there? by your theory if we didnt have “Lashkars” the West wouldnt be able to use them as an excuse to blame us and target us. wow get out of your fairy-land and smell the coffee mate. they will come up with one or the other excuse to attack us. by your theory we should also give up our nuclear weapons because then the West will not have an excuse to target us for proliferation. its because of WIMPS like you that we have gotten to where we are, always apologetic and compromising when it comes to national interests.

when India(or the US) attacks, it will be these same taleban and “lashkars” people like you will be hiding behind for them to fight for you. hey why dont we dismantle our nuclear program like Qaddafi of Libya did, then the West will become our “friends” and will not find an excuse to attack us. MORON


Ghost of TK:

@Traffic: The thesis in that comment was that these jihadi groups exist precisely because they are created by riling up the misplaced romanticism re: Jihad in ill-educated Muslim youth across the muslim world.

Jihad as it is being practiced by the nutcases (your heroes) these days is a potent geo-poltical operational tool in the hands of the Zionists who control the US who controls the agents who controls your Mawlawna’s and Jihadi leaders who control mis-educated or non-educated FOOLS, the foot soldiers like that Qasab guy (your heroes) .

They play you crazy jihadi’s like a cheap chinese banjo and you fall for their trap every single time. Every two decades, you lose a million young men in the name of Jihad, but later on you find out that the western intelligence agencies used you beardo’s like a condom, gathered all the wealth and status in the world, while the Muslims are left standing holding the bag of horse-manure all thanks to gullible fools the Jihadi’s and their foolish blind supporters like you.

Next time around, try reading the damn comment before you go off half-cocked!

P.S. Name ONE place where Violent Jihadist Islam has actually succeeded in making the lives of Muslims better! Every single time, the Islamist got used like the unsuspecting idiots that they are and only became the catalyst of destruction of another Muslim nation. Afghanistan, Iraq, Algeria, Egypt, Somalia, Sudan, and for the last 30 years Pakistan!

P.P.S All your wild accusations and assumptions are way off the mark. Obviously, reading does not necessarily equal comprehension in this case.



Ghost of TK:

December 7th, 2008 at 2:02 am

@Engr_Ali: The main problem in _my_ personal opinion is a lack of education.

Education! Education! Education!

Every other ill in our society stems from this one basic flaw in our society!

The British, after they quelled the 1857 rebellion, made sure that they struck Muslims at the source of their strength: The Education System which ensured that Muslims were nearly 100% educated at the time.

Those who pine for the days of madrassahs (educational trusts) tend to forget that not only the Muslim Madrassah’s taught Fiqh as part of the curriculum but more importantly ‘Mantiq’ (logic)

Because without logic, you will see ridiculous attitudes that you see prevalent in Muslim populations these days.

Our main problem is a failure of our Education system. Educating the next generation is not as romantic or sexy as giving them an ak-47 and telling them they can conquer the world.

Never mind the fact that Muslims are TOO STUPID to even make bullets let alone small arms. And forget about an industrial base which ACTUALLY enables a nation to fight wars and protect it’s sovereignty and honor.

But that doesn’t bother our jihadi’s because ignorance is bliss and they’re the most blissfull of people with their unkempt beards and their ‘noorani’ faces.

Little aware of the fact that they are shamefully dependent on Israeli and European factories for producing the sub-machine guns they use to butcher peaceful civilians in the name of Islam and Jihad.

These Jihadi’s will NEVER WIN any Strategic victories for Islam. They will only be canon fodder for the geo-political wars between world powers which will only pulverize the Muslim lands.


Traffic Says:
December 7th, 2008 at 2:30 am

@ Ghost of TK

you still didnt answer which “jihadists” were there in Iraq. did the lack of “jihadists” stop the US(your heroes and liberators) from invading Iraq? no, they had another excuse that time: WMDs. why not get rid of our nuclear program as well like Libya did? that will take away another of their excuse to attack us.

“the Zionists who control the US who controls the agents who controls your Mawlawna’s and Jihadi leaders who control mis-educated or non-educated FOOLS, the foot soldiers like that Qasab guy (your heroes)”

right so now the Hindu guy who the Bhindians(your heroes) presented is also a Jihadist? stop watching Indian TV man, your head is getting all messed up. ever heard of false-flag operations? like 9/11, 7/7 or Mumbai? or you also blame everything under the sun on “Islamic TeRRORISTS!!!”? who the f0ck got you the piece of land that you call Azad Kashmir from your beloved Bhindians? no it wasnt your Pak Army but these tribal “jihadists”. who protected your eastern borders from the hostile Afghans and the Soviets who had set their eyes on the shores of Pakistan? just cos the Americans also had an interest in defeating the Soviets doesnt mean we should have let the Soviets walk through over us. whats your point? the “violent Islamist Jihadists” in Afganistan are only fighting for their freedom, be it from the British, Soviets or American imperialists. liberal fascists like you try to paint it like its a religious war, and hence try to bring Islam into it, just like the extremist neo-cons in the West do. you liberal fascists here are not very different from the right-wing neo-cons in the West in your thinking, even though you wouldnt like to be compared to them.

p.s. i dont have a beard but calling people “beardos” just because they follow the sunnah of the Prophet(saw) just exposes what kind of a munafiq you are and what kind of inferiority complex you suffer from being born a Muslim(if u are that is).


mibrahim Says:
December 7th, 2008 at 2:46 am

@Ghost of TK
It was 1940’s when struggle for indepandance was at its peak. Riligious forces including Maulan Modoodi was against creation of Pakistan. People supported a clean shaved modern person like Jinnah and progrssive leadership who clearly expressed its views against theocracy. People rejected riligeos element.
It was after creation of Pakistan and especielly “tehrike qaradad-e-maqasid” and CETO pact when Pakistan’s establishment decided to be in American block and be utilized and consumed against USSR in cold war. The rejected and defeated riligeous element suddenly saw their future bright in becoming a puppet for capitalism,and through a conspiracy and misusing the name of rilogion, got power and served a lot in misguiding and confusing people. They supported every illigitimate dictator by calling them ‘ameer-ul-momineen’ and dictator in return gave them the name of Mujahideen.It was a heavy investment from west to help these right wingers to portray communism as a threat to Islam and get ready people to do Jihad vs enemy(infact enemy of west or Capitalism).They amended school courses, horribally alterd history with falcification, banned and tortured intellectuals and changed political basis of creation of Pakistan.
This riligeous element has served more for monopolar world in hands of Capitalist country than for Islam. .They are seeds implanted in soil by them in the past through thousands of madarsah created. This process remained in place untill Zia regime and declined due to collapse of USSR. That was all for implementation of New World Order.
But done blame poor, innocent people who are deprived of food, water and shelter and on the top of it they have lost their loved one via brutal operation of ours and US army. They were borned and they found themselves in an envirnment designed by the team of Mullah and Military, which only can make them a ‘crazy jihadi’. Our establishment, military and mullah on the instruction of their westen bosses removed all possibilities for them to become a good, educated and prevailadged citizen.Rejecting them, concidering them aliens and using power against them is ‘Sitam baala-e-sitam’and has proved to be prepatuatar rather than a solution.


mibrahim Says:
December 7th, 2008 at 5:00 am

Communits were never declared peace loving. There were two elephants fighting with each other and one elephant managed to make donkey an ally, utilized and left it alone.
The cheap literature during regime of Zia and his un elected mujlis-e-shoora, I hardly found any book or work by these so called “ULMA”that tells you about greediness, un equality, unjuistice, vulgarity that was flourished by capitalism which was also a human invented way of ruling state and was not according to AASMANI KITAB. How good they are for our religion? sounded friends at that time but they are the one who created terms like ‘JIHADIS’etc. once their goal was acheived and they effectively utilized poor people throgh MULLAHS via name of of Islam. It was severe failure in anticipiation of our military dictator and his right wing allies. All of their energies were against one elephant and they totally ignored other bigger evil. Now after couple of decades, real face of enemy whom they used to call ‘our kitabi bhaee’ has been revealed. That was short sightedness and narrowed vision of our right wing and riligeous politicians. Whoever tried to bring attention of mullah and military rulers of that time about this open facts was declared Kafir..And still after committing these idiot deeds, are not willing to learn and understand. That was the purpose of investing money for propaganda, basically not against the communism but actually to create a mentality with narrow and tunnel vision which is unable to recognize the actual threats and enemies, unable to learn from past, willing to repeat those silly deeds and unable to accept others views and ideas and only to listen and act upon whatever their masters tells them.


The conspiracy of creating SUMMUN and BOOKMUN mob seems like to have accomplished its goal.