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  • If Altaf Hussain is assassinated? – by Shiraz Paracha

    If Altaf Hussain is assassinated? – by Shiraz Paracha

    The MQM leader Altaf Hussain may need police protection as one of his owns may attempt to assassinate him. Following the explosive disclosures about the deeds and criminal activities of Hussain and his associates, the MQM leader has become a liability for the Party. As Hussain goes down he may take with him many MQM […]

  • Imran Farooq’s murder linked to rows within MQM party- by Farhad Jarral

    There are lots of misgivings about the MQM’s character and the way they do politics. Murderers have been awarded Governorship, Ministries and City’s Mayor post. Yesterday a letter by MQM’s chief Altaf Hussain was published on the website of MQM saying that my life is in threat and possibly I would not be alive to […]

  • A hard-hitting report – by Asma Jahangir

    Source: Dawn THE UN inquiry report on Benazir Bhutto’s assassination may not be an eye-opener but it does put the record straight and fixes responsibility for the tragedy. Responses to the report have been mixed. Some have been dismissive saying that it served no purpose and cost the government millions of dollars. In reality some […]