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What Perpetautes Low Income Mobility In Pakistan From Childhood? By A Z: Corruption? Nepotism? Lack of meritocracy? Low GDP growth? Yes, all of these and more. But in the final analysis two factors are more responsible for the widening gap between the rich and poor than anything else. These two factors
Private schools in Pakistan must focus on character building instead of spreading the English language complex – by Muhammad Amir Khakwani: Source: Express, 27 July 2010 Also of interest is the following extract from a lengthy article on this topic by Shamaila Ali Hasan: Discussing about the situation he (Javed) further writes: While the reason for students taking up English
Mice: Treatment of minorities in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan – by Nadeem Paracha: NFP asks if minorities will ever be treated well enough to not feel like misfits. — File photo Some days ago, while waiting in my car for a traffic signal to turn green, a young kid nonchalantly stuck a
Taliban kill four Shia school children in Orakzai: Militants attack schoolchildren in Orakzai, four dead Tuesday, 08 Sep, 2009 (Dawn) Taliban militants are from the majority Sunni community (Deobandi sect) and attack Shias as part of their strategy
In appreciation of Shahbaz Sharif’s Danish Schools Project – Ataul Haq Qasmi: Notwithstanding our political differences, this noble project deserves our full support.
Radio Schools for children: Well done, Radio Pakistan…: Radio Pakistan takes a revolutionary step After a three-day conference of its station directors, Radio Pakistan has decided to initiate some reforms that clearly promise to revolutionise its role in society. It has decided to launch a special project
Taliban’s Molvi Omar says that Taliban will destroy all schools in FATA: Are they foreign agents? Are they Pakistani nationals? Imran Khan wants Pakistan to have dialogue with Taliban. Should we have dialogue with creatures such as Mullah Omar, Baitullah Mehsud and Fazlullah? If they are foreign