Saleem Shahzad Archive

Saleem Shahzad murdered by Pakistani security service: Saleem Shahzad had warned that the authorities might act against him and revealed a previous threat. by Andrew Buncombe A surge of outrage and grief jolted Pakistan last night after the discovery of the body of a journalist who
Hillary Clinton condemns Saleem Shehzad’s brutal assassination: US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton,condemned the kidnapping and killing of Pakistani journalist. Syed Saleem Shahzad, who worked for Adn Kronos International and La Stampa writing articles and books on the collusion between al Qaeda and Pakistani security and
Who Killed Saleem Shahzad?: “We don’t know if the ISI killed him,” Dayan says, “but the manner of his killing is consistent with the other murders where there has been credible evidence of ISI involvement.” by Ron Moreau Courageous Pakistani journalist Syed Saleem
Cover up of Saleem Shahzad’s Murder: The ISI and its proxies spring into action: Saleem Shahzad has been killed brutally. His tortured dead body has been recovered today. Media and individuals at social networks have started speculating about the possible assassins. Most of the people are pointing fingers at the notorious intelligence agency,
Saleem Shahzad’s two very important interviews: Asia Times Pakistan Bureau Chief and TRNN contributor Syed Saleem Shahzad was found murdered in Islamabad on Tuesday. In a recent report for Asia Times and a TRNN interview, Shahzad reported on splits in the Pakistan military over support
Saleem Shehzad’s killing; Media: Wake up and smell the coffee!: This is the height of it. You find anyone who doesn’t tow the line of our “deep state” or becomes a potential threat to those linked with the “deep state” are not just beaten, but are killed. Syed Saleem